Static Banners Module

Static Banners Module
This module can be used to display an Opencart banner (a list of images/links as defined in System > Design > Banners) as a simple banner or list of banners, rather than as a slideshow, carousel, etc.

Any number of modules can be created; for each one, besides the banner to use and the usual options (layout, position, size), you may specify one of three options to show:

- Show all images/banners in the set, in their specified order*
- Show all images/banners in the set, in random order (order changes with each page reload)
- Show just one random image/banner from the set (changes with each page reload)

* Please note that as of 1.5.6, Opencart banners don't have an actual ordering field - but if you use an extension that modifies the banner model so that there is one, it will be used.

Works as a standard module, no core files are edited or overwritten. English and Spanish texts provided.

Generated HTML is as simple as possible for maximized compatibility with different layouts and themes. Feel free to edit bannerlist.tpl and add your own markup or CSS if needed.

Tested on Opencart 1.5.5 and above, but should work on any version with the System>Design>Banners panel.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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28 Apr 2014

10 Oct 2013
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