Manage Enquiries & Product Questions

Manage Enquiries & Product Questions

This extension helps the communication between admin and customers by managing questions like conversations. The customer's questions can be submitted by the default "Contuct us" form or from a new "Questions" tab inside the product page, for questions regarding a product. Then the administrator can manage all the enquiries from the back end using two pages, one for the general enquiries and one for the product questions.
Customer and administrator can have a conversation over the initial question, until the question is closed. In version 2.1 of the extension (only for OC version 2.x), you can attach files to each message.
Selected product questions can be shown in the product page, along with the answers administrator wants.
Emails are sent to all members for new questions or replies.

In OC v.2 extra notifications are added in the default notifications system. For OC versions 1.5.x the extension comes along with the “Event Notifications” extension, which alerts you when “customer triggered events” occur, such as new orders, reviews, returns, enquiries and affiliates. For this purpose, icons are added at the right side of administrator’s header.

This extension uses vQmod (OCMod for OC v.2), so no system files are affected.

NOTICE: New pages or changes in the front end might require adjustments for custom themes and languages. Contact me for free support.

NOTICE: Older versions cannot be upgaded to version 2.0. It is possible but old data will be deleted.

NOTICE: File attachment is only available in version 2.1 designed for OC v2.x.


-Each question is like a conversation (ticket)
-Allow customers to ask questions for a product from the extra “Questions” tab.
-Attach files to each message (only in OC v2.x)
-Manage enquiries submitted from the "Contuct Us" page or the new "Questions" tab in product page.
-Store, read and reply enquiries through the administrator’s page.
-Store the full replies history.
-Define your custom question categories that the user will be able to select when he submits a question.
-Select questions and answers that will be visible in the "Questions" tab.
-Edit the replies text, after they are sent, to look exactly as you like.
-Filter enquiries by applicant’s name, store, product, date, status and customer.
-Customers and administrator get notified with email.
-Select back end users to be notified via email for new enquiries.
-Customers can see their question history in the front end and reply again to the administrator.
-Questions submitted by guests are also handled like conversations.
-Notifications for new orders, reviews, returns, enquiries, product questions and affiliates, with flashing icons at the right of administration’s header.(OC v.1.5.x)
-New notifications for questions (OC v.2.x)
-Multistore support.

OC v.2 Demo
Username: demo
Password: demo

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