Individual Product Item Shipping Rates eBay Style

Individual Product Item Shipping Rates eBay Style
A featured rich shipping module which many people will find exactly as per their requirement, as specially design for sellers who want to control shipping cost of each item they sell. The module collect individual shipping rates from an item, and additionally collect country/zone based rates and generate shipping cost.

Each Product could have base shipping rate and additional item rates i.e. eBay style. Support Multiple Rates Per Country/Zone for more flexibility, i.e. Next Day Delivery etc.

Custom Shipping Title for each calculation, give your customer exact idea what type of shipping you are offering: i.e. Standard Rates, Royal Mail Recorded etc.


Product First item (highest) + Product Additional items + Country / Zone Rate + Country /Zone Rate Additional

Product A: Domestic 5 for first Item and 2.5 for additional
Product B: Domestic 2 and Additional 1

Domestic Standard First Item 0 and Additional 0
Domestic Express First item 3 additional 1.5

Customer bought A and B together ( 5 + 1)
Domestic Standard shipping would be : 6
Domestic Express shipping would be: 10.5

Custom Shipping Module

Open Cart V2x Compatible with OCMOD
Open Cart Compatibility : 1.5.6 (VQMOD Required)


Individual Item Shipping Rates for Domestic Shipping (1st item + additional item)
Individual Item Shipping Rates for International Shipping (1st item + additional item)
Country Based Rates Control, add additional shipping cost for selected countries
Zone Based Rates Control, add additional shipping cost for selected zone
Define Geo Zone for Shipping Rates
Define Geo Zone for Disabling Shipping to selected destinations support both domestic and international
Have multiple Rates Per Country / Zone i.e Express Shipping, Next Day Shipping etc.
Free Shipping, based on calculation show free shipping
Maximum Cost disable the module if max cost meet


Note: This Module Uses JAN/ISBN/LENGTH/WIDTH fields to store Individual item shipping rates. From Version 4 new fields are added to the product table.


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Akram has given excellent support. Our support time period has expire but after that we need some updation regarding plugin and akram has give excellent support.


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