Multi Offers Module For Opencart

Multi Offers Module For Opencart
Initially any store takes time to develop sales. As it requires marketing, Promotions , advertising to get more traffic. Also well developed store, to stay in market requires good strategy to retain customers.
It doesn't work without promotions.

It is beneficial to have promotions for store. As it reaches more people quickly. Everyone loves discounts, offers, etc.

This module is designed to make your promotions easy. It will also let you know how well the promotion is doing.

Suppose you want to test which coupon discount offer is best. like 10%, 15%, 20%.

Issue 1: You cannot set multiple offers on site. The thing how will you display it all together.

Issue 2: Suppose you decide as which offer to set. It is really tough to know sales achieved through that offer. How many actually seen that offer.

What we made

1) With this module, You can set all 3 offers on your store together. All offers are independent of each other. Every new visitor is shown only unique offer which you have set. This strategy is being used by major eCommerce stores. It is based on testing website with different content. Read about it : [url][/url]

2) Besides that, it will keep track of how many clicks, views and sales are generated from all offer instantly. You can view all in admin area of module.

3) We have used our popular extension Multi Purpose Popup Module to display all the offers to visitors. It has huge number of styles and variations to display different offers attractively. With that, your offer can be anything like image, discounts, coupons, free shipping, text, html, etc.

It is designed and tested to work with all themes. Complete support for it.

Below is image, where three offers where set in store demo and results obtained after some days

Block Diagram for module


Have a look at our demo to see it in action :

Front: Front Demo Link

Admin: Admin Demo Link


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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11 Oct 2020

4 Nov 2013
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