Checkout Logos (Payment, Shipping, Order Totals)

Checkout Logos (Payment, Shipping, Order Totals)

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What does it do:
Adds a fast, compatible way to add logos to your Payment, Shipping, and Order Totals during checkout.
OpenCart doesn't offer an option to use a logo for payments and shipping on the checkout steps.
Some people enter <img> tags into the language files for the title, but this causes issues with the order emails and invoice.
This mod allows you to quickly add logos for your payments, shipping, and order totals for display during checkout.
But it won't conflict with the invoice or order totals db records.
This also uses a method that is both theme and checkout system independent. It should work with all payments and checkouts, even custom ones.

- The latest version of vQmod from

Main features:
* No files are overwritten
* Not theme dependent
* Custom logo sizes for each type
* Supports Standard Checkout and Uber Checkout. Can easily be made to work with other checkout systems.
* Separate images for each payment, shipping, and order total
* If no image is set, it just uses the normal title
* Can be enabled/disabled at once with the status control
* Lets you manage all extension logos from one spot, with a tab for each type
* Uses the Module system on the admin side for easy configuration, and vQmod on the catalog side for worry free modifications.

Note: Logo images are not included

What customers say about Checkout Logos (Payment, Shipping, Order Totals)

Good mod- does what it's supposed to do-Glad I purchased


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