Product Base Price - Set MIN or MAX Option Price as Base Price

Product Base Price - Set MIN or MAX Option Price as Base Price
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This extension is very handy for you to auto set the product price as the price of an option price (added to the product) (Works for Select/Radio/Image options only). Where the option type (radio or select) and option value (MIN or MAX) is to be set initially. Where "radio" is set for both "radio" and "image" type of options.

At your admin area in Catalog>Products you have to only edit and save each product if product(s) created before installing this extension. After installing this extension you have to do nothing to set the MIN or MAX option price as product base price, it will be done automatically soon after you add/edit a product.

This is very useful for the stores where no need for any base price, but price must change as option changes and a unique method to set MIN or MAX option price of an option (radio or select) universally.

Product price on all pages will be displayed.

Price update is an added feature in this extension, to change the price at product page as option changes.

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Product Base Price - Set Option Price as Base Price
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