Related options [VQMOD]

Related options [VQMOD]
It was a paid extension, but it was developed quite a long time ago and supports only the outdated version of opencart (1.5.x). The code of extension is far away from perfect, but currently we have no resources to improve or even to maintain this version of the module further. At the same time it is still can be useful for somebody, thus we made it free. However, as a free extension, now it also comes with no warranty (and with no guaranteed support).

For all those who have already purchased this module version, our support obligations remain valid (we provide support for them as usual).

Versions of the module for opencart 2.x and 3.x are still available with warranty and support:
Related Options for opencart 2.x
Related Options PRO for opencart 2.x
Related Options for opencart 3.x
Related Options PRO for opencart 3.x

The module allows to create combinations of related product options and set stock, price, model etc for each combination. This functionality can be useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes.

After the module installation, "Related Options" tab will be displayed on a backend product pages.
Using that tab, you can specify a set of options for a product.

  • The module allows to join any number of options.
  • The module works with option types "Select", "Radio" and "Image".
  • The module allows to set different stock, model, SKU, UPC, location, weight and price (including discounts and specials) for each related options combination.
  • The module allows to set up different related options variants for different products (for example: color&size, length&height and etc).
  • The module limits customer's choice during ordering: only available options can be selected.
  • Access can be limited by two ways: the options values become unavailable or hidden.
  • The module have special option selection style - step by step selection: customer selects first option, then second, then third, and next, and next etc (optional).
  • Customers can select options ​​in any order - limitations will work anyway.
  • The module shows current model (product code) for selected options combination on the product page
  • The module allows to show current options combination stock on the product page (optional).
  • The module add "Clear options" button for customers on the products pages (optional).
  • The module allows to set default options combination (will be auto-selected on the product page in frontend - optional)
  • If there is no related options set, product options will work as usual.
  • Module have simple import/export features (XLS)

The module is compatible with:
  • Live Price (recommended for live price update)
  • Product Option Image PRO
  • Product Price with Options (id 11913)
  • Live Price Update with Options module (id 14760)
  • Option Price Update (Redux) (id 1458)
  • Product Block Option module (id 10910)
  • Product Color Option module (id 6907)
  • Product Image Option DropDown module (id 7176)
  • Аdmin order edit (id 8471)
  • Customer Group Discounts (id 4949)
  • AJAX Quick Checkout by Dreamvention (id 15580)

Related Options module is compatible with most of themes (including Journal2, Pavilion, Shoppica2 etc). If you have any issues, email us to, we will help

This is the module for OpenCart 1.5.x,
for OpenCart 2.x please use Related Options 2 or Related Options PRO
for OpenCart 3.x please use Related Options 3 or Related Options PRO 3

Contact for support, questions and suggestions:

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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