All in One Feedback Module [Vqmod]

All in One Feedback Module [Vqmod]
Receiving customer feedback enables a company to correct any issues or concerns customers may have with the company's products and its services. When customers provide feedback, a company is able to save money, time and improve relationships with customers.

Not being in tune with your customers is like living in an alternate reality; the way you think your customers feel about your product is not always the same as what your customers really think about your product.

A dissatisfied customer may tell five or six other people about his bad experience, which could harm your company's reputation and have an effect on market share and profits. Feedback allows you to correct these problems.

Some customers will not tell you they are unhappy with your product or service; they will just stop doing business with you. A situation such as this can be avoided when feedback is requested.

Feedback allows you to correct product deficiencies and inefficiencies. A defective product could cause an injury and lead to a lawsuit. Class action lawsuits can cost a company millions of dollars.

When you receive feedback from customers, it can help management make decisions about a product or service. Feedback can help determine if a product should be discontinued and a new product be manufactured and brought to the market.

Supports multi language, optimized for smart phones, multi option, attractive feedbcak style.

Sample image of feedback form.

Read documentation to know more about feedback.

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If you are looking for feedback extensions this module is best for you. Due to its flexibility it can used in various ways.


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