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Product Reviews Pro
Overview TMD OpenCart Review Module

This extension replaces the default review section of the website with its own professionally designed product review layout. Where customers can upload the image, and write informative product reviews. Users can upvote helpful reviews and report bad reviews.
It comes with a page that shows all the products review in one place with a search and filter. You can update the color, and sizes of the product images, write SEO titles, meta descriptions, SEO URL, etc.
You will have full control over the review system. Configure the reward points and discount coupon codes for each review. Admin can also adjust the review form, enable the captcha, set the height and width of thumbnail and full-size review images, restrict the upload image count, enable social share, who can write the review, give the vote, etc.
This product review module is multilingual and works with 2x and 3x versions of OpenCart.

Approve review → By default, all the reviews are auto approved. But the admin can hold the reviews for moderation. You can approve or remove inappropriate reviews.

Who can write a review → You can decide whether the customer who purchased the product can write the review. Or other customers or guest users can also write reviews.

Show Best Reviews on Top → This OpenCart product review extension lets you display the 2 reviews on the top. You can select the best reviews from the list.

Customer Can Write → By default a customer can post a single review but you can increase the count. It will help the review system healthy.

Give Coupon to Customer for Writing Review → This extension has a setting that allows you can send the coupon code for writing all or selected products. coupon code will automatically send to customer emails.

Reward Points for Each Review → You can configure the reward points. The points will be added to the customer's account. They can redeem the points on the next purchase.

Attach Image → Lets your customer upload the images while writing the product review. You can enable or disable the upload image feature from settings.

A maximum number of images can attach → To save the server memory, you can set the number of images the customer can upload on the review.

Image Extensions and Mime Types → You can set what kind of image types can be uploaded and enter their mime type and extension. The module will always match the customer-selected image details with mime type and extension of setting. If the matched image is uploaded, an error will show.

Image Thumb and Full Size on Review → You can set the customer-uploaded review images and product image height and width to retain the website theme UI consistently.

Success Message → After the review submission, greet them with a custom success message. You can write the HTML/CSS content, embed images, videos, gifs, etc.

Share on social sites → Review extension of OpenCart will give you extra exposure and promotion. Enable the social share on review. It will help your customer to share the review they liked the most with others. Hence, you might get some extra orders.

Create an additional rating stars option in the OpenCart review form → Other than overall review stars, Admin can create additional rating options for product quality, shipping, customer relation, etc. It will give you better insight and help you to improve the service.

Enable/disable review form → This setting allows the admin to disable the review form. It will hide the write review button. The customer won't be able to give the review.

Show review rating count → The sum of reviews and ratings displayed on the overall review located at the top of the review section.

Review graph, types and color → The overall review rating and counting are shown in the graphs. There are two types of graphs Circular or bar. Also, update the color of the graphs to match your website theme.

Give Votes and Flag the Reviews → It will let users give upvote and downvote the reviews. Moreover, the user can report those reviews which are bad or offensive. This way you can maintain the quality of the review system.

Updating All Review Page Design Element → OpenCart review extension gives a page where reviews of all products display. List of reviews with product information, review title, attached images, with up and down votes icons, a report the review button present.
It has a search field with a filter. Users can search by product name or review title. Set the number of reviews to be shown within the pagination. Update the date format of reviews.

Promote the Products on the All-Review Page → There is a section at the bottom of the review page to promote the products. You can show the promotional products, categories, and manufacturers.

Customizing Review Form → Admin can decide which field needs to hide or is required. Enable the captcha on the form to get rid of bots and spam reviews. The review form will be displayed in the popup.

Automatically Send Email on Review Submission → An email will be sent to the user whenever they submit the review. The admin can design the email template with shortcodes.

Import Old Review → The website can show the previous reviews by importing them. The OpenCart review extension supports the Excel file. After importing old reviews, they will automatically start displaying on the products.

Writing review policy → You can have a separate review policy page. The link to the policy will be added to the review form. Users can navigate to the review page and read the policy before submitting their reviews.

Custom CSS → Change the style or apply your own design on the review section by writing your own CSS in the custom CSS setting. The written CSS will instantly load on the website.

Support Multi-language → All the activated languages will show with their country's flag in the review module setting. You can write the text in that language. When a customer changes the language, the review module will also get the text in that language from the setting.

Compatible with Version 2x and 3x of OpenCart → OpenCart product review module uses the OCMOD. The installation can be done through FTP or the extension installer of admin. The website remains untouched.

If you have a sale question or are looking for support. Please create a ticket. You will get a reply as soon as possible.

What customers say about Product Reviews Pro

Ulf, LilonAB
Excellent and easy to setup. Thank you! / Ulf Liljankoski,
~Ulf, LilonAB
Another excellent extension from this developer, we have purchased many. The developer is very helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend this developer, thank you for the after sales support. Thank you, Anthony.


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