Product Reviews Pro

Product Reviews Pro
OpenCart Product Review Module

Product reviews pro OpenCart Extension allow you to collect customer's reviews for your products. It will encourage a customer to post more than text in their reviews. Customer can post Images as well. It will increase the trust of the customer on your website.

Product reviews help to build a community talking more about your products which inspires the customer's on great reviews. Before purchases, most of the people check the product Rating. So this extension will definitely prove helpful for your OpenCart store.

It let you give reward points to customers when they wrote a review on the product. Another cool feature is, module sends thanks email to them for posting a product review.

Core Features Present In Product Review Extension

Product reviews will show in on review section of the product. With Filter, like and dislike button average rating and count of reviews given. There are many functionalities present in this module.

You can enable the latest reviews anywhere on your Store. We also call it as OpenCart reviews extension. As this extension will add extra features for your customers to write a useful review. Here is a list of the functionality of it.
* Upload images with their review
* Show best reviews on Top
* Like and dislike reviews
* Multiple rating bar
* Share reviews on social sites
* Report the reviews
* Send thanks email for writing review
* Custom email template, set image size
* Advanced filter
* Reward points for writing review
* Set colors form admin
* Set limit of images upload by customer
* Each Review has separate pages
* Support multi languages
* Compatible with OpenCart version 2.2.x and 3.x
* Documentation Present

Let Your Customer Upload Image Within Review

Many time, Customer want to upload images of the product they are using. But traditional opencart review does not allow this. Using our module, Your customer will able to add images to their review. Showing product images of customer add more value to their customer.

Admin can limit no of an image can be upload by the customer in their review. There are a lot of setting present, some of them are.

* Maximum number of image upload
Allowed File Extensions
Allowed File Mime Types
* Customer Image Full Size - automatically resize
* Attach Image Thumb Size
* Attach Image Location

Display Customer Reviews Like Professional

Using our module, your OpenCart website can display product reviews like a leading company display on their website. Show the best reviews on top, so new customer can read how effective your product is for them. Also, the product page will have an average rating in stars and review count.

It will make your website more professional. Showing no rating given by the customer in stars. It will give insight to the customer and they can make their decision to buy the product. There is a setting for adding custom CSS code. It let admin add or change CSS code to make necessary changes or color theme.
* Total count of rating and reviews in stars
* Average rating
* Show the best reviews on top

Advance Filter Present In OpenCart Product Review Module

OpenCart Product review pro gives more feature than other modules present in the market. It let your customer or visitor filter the reviews. The main advantage of this filter is, they can read the reviews according to selection.

From older review to new review written by a customer, high rated to low. Filter show on the review section of the product. Here are filter options for your customer. Admin can enable and disable filter anytime from setting. It is useful OpenCart review module.
* High Rated Review
* Low Rated Review
* Recent Review
* Oldest Review
* All Reviews

Like Dislike and Report The Spam Review

Product Reviews show with like and dislike button. When visitors and customers found the other's review helpful, they can like. Otherwise, dislike review present on the product. It will help future visitors. No of like and dislike show in percentage.

There is also a "Report Spam" icon present below review. Admin can enable Spam button for visitor or customer or both. This gives flexibility to website. And prevents an unauthorized person from reporting spam review. Like dislike and report spam can do once. As they are working with IP. No one can give twice like or dislike on same product review.
* Customer can like and dislike other's reviews
* Report a spam review

Show All Products Reviews on Single Page

One awesome feature of this module is, Admin can display reviews of all products on a single page. To speed up creating a page template. module provides shortcode. There is 6 shortcode present. Which can use in the text editor to create a page where all product reviews will display. The page will have a list of products reviews with name, Image, average rating, no of reviews, etc. It will also work as a testimonial for your new customers. The Page created using product reviews pro OpenCart, will increase your presence in search engine and increase customer trust.
* Use Shortcode to create a page.
* List of Products with an average rating.

Configure From Admin

It comes with a lot of setting options to configure the product review section. It can configure to work according to their website need

OpenCart product review module settings are divided into 4 parts. first, General part let the website to configure the product reviews section. What rating bare should use and can enable disable votes. Second, part uses page information where all product review will display.

Third, the setting is email notification. Here, Admin can create an email template. Which will use to send to the customer after they post a review on the product. Also, there is a setting, when enabled module will send new review notification to admin email along with product information.

Fourth and last one is, for adding custom CSS code. Custom CSS setting let the website to change the design of the review section. It gives freedom to website to match with their color theme.
* Configure the review section
* Show all product review page
* Email notification
* Custom CSS

Support Multi Languages

TMD cares about their customer and client. hat's why they create all module and themes multi-language compatible. Your website uses non-english language.

When Sending email to customer and admin, Module will select the primary language for newsletter template. And send newsletter template will only have primary language text present.

Premium Support

Got pre-sale question or having question about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

What customers say about Product Reviews Pro

Ulf, LilonAB
Excellent and easy to setup. Thank you! / Ulf Liljankoski,
~Ulf, LilonAB
Another excellent extension from this developer, we have purchased many. The developer is very helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend this developer, thank you for the after sales support. Thank you, Anthony.


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