Make, Year, Model Filter + Keyword Search

Make, Year, Model Filter + Keyword Search
Make, Year, Model Keyword Search Opencart plugin

This plugin adds Make, Year, Model compatibility to Opencart.

  • Easy to add Make, Year, and Models to your site, so you don't have to go through multiple menus
  • Easy to add MYM compatibility to your products, right on the product page so you don't have to visit two or more menus in your administration dashboard
  • MYM widget for your storefront so your customers can easily find your products
  • Filter functionality in widget so your customers can display products only compatible with their chosen model
  • Keyword search in widget, allowing your customers to display only products of a certain type with their chosen model compatibility
  • Increases your sales by providing more relevant search results on the first page

    Ease of use
    You can easily add the Make, Year, and Models you wish to have on your site. While you are adding or editing a product, you can conveniently select its Make, Year, and Model compatibility and hit save.

    Store front features
  • When a customer selects their desired Make, Year, and Model from the dynamically-adjusting dropdown boxes in the search widget all of the products in your store associated with that model will be shown.
  • If your customer wishes to further refine their search to a specific type of product associated with a model, they may use the search box in the widget to display only the relevant results from among the many products associated with that model.

    This plugin requires VQMod. To install place the xml file into the vqmod/xml directory. Full installation instructions are inside the download in the README file.


    Demo instructions:
    The MYM plugin is easy to use once you learn the basics.

    How to use the demo:
    1. From the office backend, choose the Catalog menu item Make/Year/Model to enter the MYM menu.
    2. In the MYM menu you can add Make/Year/Model information to you store. Go ahead and add a few.
    3. Go to your products and edit a product that you would like to add the MYM plugin to.
    4. In the MYM tab in the edit product menubar, you can choose MYMs to add to your product. Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple entries.
    5. Once you have saved the MYM information to the product, return to the demo storefront.
    6. Select the MYM in the MYM search bar and press the MYM search bar search icon to complete your search. Products matching the entered MYM will appear.
    7. Also, you may enter an MYM and then enter a keyword, to narrow results to only MYMs that match that keyword.

    Product demo links:
    Storefront demo:

    Admin area demo:
    Username: mymdemo
    Password: demo

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