OpenCart Nginx Compatibility

OpenCart Nginx Compatibility

What is nginx

Nginx is an event-based web server. Nginx is noted to be a good server for sites that need fast, efficient reverse proxies or fast, efficient serving of static content. It is acclaimed for having low memory usage and is recommended for sites running on a VPS.
Apache is like Microsoft Word, it has a million options but you only need six. Nginx does those six things, and it does five of them 50 times faster than Apache. ~ Chris Lea

Read our blog tutorial on how to set up Nginx for OpenCart Set up Nginx for OpenCart

This script patches your OpenCart and Nginx configuration so that your OpenCart can run on Nginx with all its native features. The script also checks the system for required configuration for running software like OpenCart on Nginx. You will also find information on how to deal with common problems when installing OpenCart on Nginx.

✯ Working OpenCart SEO URLs on Nginx
✯ Favicon/Robots working
✯ Docs on how to resolve common issues with Nginx/OpenCart
Make sure to check this module's release Log for latest features, version releases, improvements and bug fixes

How Nginx overtook Apache in the top 1000 trafficked sites

We are pasting this article, so you can make up your mind yourself: Nginx vs. Apache

OpenCart running on Nginx with SEO URLs enabled

Video of NGINX patcher in action:

You can find more information about module Licensing here. Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop/JooCart and FAQ here.


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