Seo Images - All In One Seo - [Vqmod]

Seo Images - All In One Seo - [Vqmod]
This module is designed to help you get traffic from Image Search Engines.
It renames the wrong image names to correct product names.
With this your images are now ready to get indexed by search engines.
So when someone searches for that product name, your image will be shown to users.

Explaining with example :

A general photograph from a digital camera will be named something like ‘DSC0123.jpg’ or 'IMG-0001.jpg'
So instead of calling our photo ‘DSC0123.jpg’ or 'IMG-0001.jpg' we name that image to ‘Acer-211-Laptop-2gb-ram.jpg’

Now you decide which is making more sense.
Yes you are correct. The second name.

Now same goes with search engines. They can understand your image if you give them correct names.

Benefit of this module.

With this installed, You can easily generate correct name for all your images with ONE SINGLE CLICK.

You just need to enter pattern like you need model name or category name also in image generation.
So [product_name]-[model_name]-[categories_names] will create image name as combination of this.

The module is a part of All in One Seo Pack For OpenCart. It contains many other seo features that are required for improving rank. And it also saves more then $100

The demo contains all features of main pack seo. You will find advanced seo editor on demo as well.

Free Installation & Support for all versions in future.
We install this module by VQMod with no core files changed.
Money back gaurantee if any of the features above doesn't work.

For feedback , suggestions , help - feel free to email us on


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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22 Aug 2015

6 Jan 2014
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