Seo 3 in 1 Canonical Fix [Vqmod]

Seo 3 in 1 Canonical Fix [Vqmod]
The module is designed to fix canonical issues present on search and category page. This issues if not solved leads to duplicate content error. So it is necessary to fix it.

Also this module solves another issue. If you have product tags, try clicking them on product page. It will always get zero/no results.

This module fixes that as well.

Check how canonical problem occurs:

Every store has a category page : Lets consider our store category for explanation:

[Link 1]

There is an option on this page for sorting the products in ascending order or Desc order or show 15 products or 20 products per page.

If I sort by name in descending order, the link changes to

[Link 2]

If you observe at end of second link "?" is added.

The page is same but links become different due to sorting.

But search engine doesn't think of this as same page.It considers them as two separate pages.

There can be many other combinations for same link with different selection.

This issue gives rise to other issue of duplicate content in SEO. Which cause other issue of decrease page rank.

Why this module is useful?

With this extension installed the issue will be solved.
It solves 3 issues
1) Issue with Category
2) Issue with Search
3) Product Tag Search Error.

The module is a part of All in One Seo Pack For OpenCart. It contains many other seo features that are required for improving rank. And it also saves more then $100

The demo contains all features of main pack seo. The fixes are a part of main pack.

Free Installation & Support for all versions in future.
We install this module by VQMod with no core files changed.
Money back gaurantee if any of the features above doesn't work.

For feedback , suggestions , help - feel free to email us on


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Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,

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22 Aug 2015

6 Jan 2014
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