General CDN Solution for Opencart

Opencart CDN is a general CDN solution for opencart.

Now It support opencart 3.x version -2018/10/24 :

new version of this CDN extension released, which allow CDN URL under HTTPS, so when you use

some CDN also support SSL speed up, then you can try this option.


The latest version fixed the bug:"
when in Opencart Backend config 'compress level', the gziped page content can not be regex replacement by this cdn extension. ".

I am a 5 years PHP Web engineer, already worked on opencart platform more than 2 years.
opencart is easy to control and is a good experience to programming and growing up with opencart.

recently i create a extension for "CDN", when our websites growing big, we need to enable CDN support, to loading static resources from CDN servers without directly from real-web-server. which would be downcreasing customer browser Time, bring a good customer experience.

the main features are:
1.separated data images and theme resources.

Data images means uploaded product images or banners.

2. allow set by file extension (js | css | images ..etc) . multi-cdn domains

This means you can config cdn1 , cdn2 , cdn3 domain for your data images or your theme resources.
even with normal subdomain, this can also speed up page resources loading time. adding "?version=numberic" at CDN resource urls

This feather is for solving CDN expiration issue when updated static resources. need to flush CDN manually, just add postfix "?version=x" to refresh CDN with latest resources.

5.This extension core funcational source code only calling very limited PHP functions smartly which is better performance to compare with some free CDN plugins.

It is already a fully solution, after you install it,you just using it, you have little chance to have to customize it yourself.


1. VQmod is required.
2. unzip this extension and reset to your opencart site document root, login backend,
click "extension->module" menu, then pick "Opencart CDN" module,

demo site:

backend :
login : demo/demo

if you have further question, you can contact directly or leave comments.

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Works great with & Journal Theme 3.x!


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