PayPal Pro Ultimate - On Page Checkout w/ Recurring Profiles

PayPal Pro Ultimate - On Page Checkout w/ Recurring Profiles
*** The FIRST MODULE that allows ON PAGE Checkout using the new OpenCart Recurring Profiles & PayPal Pro***

*** This module released at $99.99, but in celebration of our NEW status as official PAYPAL PARTNERS we are releasing this module FREE forever. Those that paid for this module will receive 1 year of support free ***

*** Paypal is very confusing! Be sure you have a "PayPal Website Payments Pro" account! If you've had a PayPal Pro account for 1+ year, this is probably the one for you! If you've signed up for a PayPal Pro account within the last year, there's a very good chance you were actually signed up for "Payflow Payments Pro" instead! We also have a module for that! ***

Demo Link
Fake Card Info for Test:
Card Number: 6448415166427549
Exp. Date: 1/2019
CV2: 123

We created this payment module because we love the new OpenCart Recurring Profiles! But, we still wanted on page checkout. Customers pay via PayPal Pro (not PayPal Express), but you no longer have to redirect your customers to PayPal to complete the checkout process with Recurring Profiles!

This module is MULTILINGUAL! Supports English, French, German, Italian, Russian & Spanish. More languages can be added on request. Translation provided by Google Translate.

Supported OpenCart Versions:
All v1.5.6.x versions

Main Features:
Utilizes the Recurring Profiles NEW to Opencart 1.5.6 &!

Seamlessly replaces Paypal Express (or any other payment gateway), with all the same functionality your customers are used to!

Customers can purchase subscription & non-subscription items at the same time!

***24/7 Support available via Comments, or email us directly In most cases we can address all issues within 1 hour at our rate***

You REALLY should have an SSL certificate to use this module. Transmitting sensitive customer information over a non-encrypted connection is a major No-No!

This module should work with all custom themes, but if for some reason you need assistance, we will do our best to provide it as quickly as possible. 99% of the time, whatever issues you may have will be resolved in 1 hour. We bill based on our affordable hourly rate.

You must have a "PayPal Pro" account to use this module!

If you downloaded the module before April 11, 2014 - Please update to v1.2

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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