BroCart v 3.0.5

BroCart v 3.0.5
BroCart - is a modification surge code, fork of original version.

Project url [GitHub]

What was modified:
* SEO generator for products, categories, infopages... UPDATED whith patterns like:
(For custom title: buy {name} today at price {price} brand: {brand} ) for all products || categories
* Binding products only to the 1 (main) category (for SEO) UPDATED add language prefix for non default languages
* URL manager (account/login to login)
* itemtype="", last breadcrumb is not active (non url)
Now you can []see products[/url] as google bot.
* Document Title, Heading Title (h1), Secondary Heading Title (h2), Meta Tag Keywords for homepage, information, manufacturer
* Yandex Metrika Code (for analitics)
* Register & checkout manager
* Language file editor (thanx bro LightworkerNaven)
* Ajax editor in product list (thanx bro best-byte)
* Cache manager
* Comment for products (thanx bro affect)
* Additional TABS (thanx bro rebdog)
* Language swither (admin)
* Non active LOGO on homepage
* Modefied notification then "addToCart" + alert media (turn on config. panel)
* Sitemap.xml whith <lastmod>
* All url whithout "routing" + pagination url + sort url + limit + search + tag url
* No duplicates, only one perfect URL (thanx bro Yesvik for logic and controller from opencartforum)
* Button "apply"
* Modified standart "Image manager"
* No_image.jpeg for products whithout image
* Modern Callback
* Ajax filter (POST)
* VQmod manager (VQmod is present but not installed)
* 15 additional positions for you site (thanx bro MediaCard)
* Autosuggest (for style adaptation thanx bro Einshtein)
* Google snipet for product page
* Multilanguage stickers
and more... Just tested... It's FREE
Regards Vaso (Baco, Ukrainian team)

P.S. Don't work whith components like "Shoppica,1,2,3...", "Journal", "PAV" and other, what is rewriting controllers...
Login: demo
Pass: demo

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14 Nov 2016

8 Feb 2014
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