CC and BCC Email Support (Mail and SMTP) (VQMOD)

CC and BCC Email Support (Mail and SMTP) (VQMOD)
Currently opencart does not have a facility for CC/BCCing of emails that are sent.

This addon now adds the ability to configure a CC and/or BCC on the default store which is then used to copy other people whenever emails are sent by the system. There is support for comma-delimited list.

Most importantly CC and BCC is supported for the MAIL option as well as the SMTP option.

BCC/CC emails are sent for the following use cases:

  • Order confirmation to customer (normal site)
  • Admin alert on order confirmation (normal site)
  • Order update (normal site)
  • Voucher confirmation/redemption (normal site)
  • Customer addition (normal site)
  • Affiliate added (normal site)
  • Contact form emailed (normal site)
  • Order History addition (admin site)
  • Customer approval (sale) - (admin site)
  • Customer Transaction Added (admin site)
  • Affiliate approved (admin site)
  • Return history added (admin site)
  • Voucher Redemption (admin site)
  • Password reset (admin site)

It's recommended to install VQMod Manager to enable or disable the extension.

NOTE: This plugin supports version 1.5.x.x of opencart as well as version 2.x.x.x of opencart. The downloadable ZIP file contains both versions. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, you can choose to extract the version relevant to your version of OpenCart.

NOTE 2: This addon supports both the Mail and SMTP protocols.


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