[VQMod] Inanecoding Piwik / Matomo eCommerce mod

[VQMod] Inanecoding Piwik / Matomo eCommerce mod
Note: This legacy extension is no longer supported, but is still available for older versions of Opencart / Piwik. It has been superseded by the new Matomo eCommerce Analytics PRO extension for the latest Opencart v3.x and Matomo (formerly Piwik).

It was late 2012, and we wanted to use Piwik to track Ecommerce transactions on OpenCart. There was a mod for nearly every other major shopping cart but not for OpenCart. Well, I thought, there damn well should be!!

And so, the InaneCoding Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce VQmod was born!

This is the most complete Opencart Piwik module currently available and is listed on the official Piwik website as the recommended module for use with Opencart. Plus its free :)

What does it do? - Why, it implements Piwik Ecommerce tracking for Opencart of course (similar to Google Analytics but far better!);
  • Tracks regular page views.
  • Tracks Ecommerce product views (category views not yet implemented).
  • Tracks Ecommerce cart add/update/delete.
  • Tracks Ecommerce orders.
  • Tracks searches on the opencart product search.
  • OpenCart admin backend for modifying settings.
  • Option to use Piwik Proxy Hide Url script to obfuscate the URL in the javascript code.
  • [*] Fully VQmod'ed up! Does NOT overwrite any core files.

    All this adds up to allow tracking of rich metrics for things such as page views, visitors, entry/exit points, keywords, ecommerce orders, products, sales leads, conversion rates etc.

    Please see our website or the mods github page for more info:

    ~ Inanecoding.co.uk

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
    • Documentation Included


    1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,

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    28 Mar 2020

    18 Feb 2014
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