Multilingual SEO Toolkit - Bulk Editing, AutoFill and more!

Multilingual SEO Toolkit - Bulk Editing, AutoFill and more!

NEW! OpenCart Multilingual SEO Toolkit

Maybe you had a hunch, maybe it struck you by surprise. Either way, Auto SEO Keyword URL Alias Module Pro has gone through a make-over. Meet Multilingual SEO Toolkit!

SEO automation, SEO URL multilingual support, AutoFill, Bulk Editing, and a lot more!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or professional specialist for search engine optimization (SEO), Multilingual SEO Toolkit is the complete package to help automate your SEO efforts in OpenCart stores.

This all-in-one OpenCart extension can satisfy a broad range of SEO needs. With a simple setting change, you can enable language prefixes in URL to boost your multilingual site's crawlability and indexability. For OpenCart 2x users, this extension adds multilingual and multistore SEO URL support to OpenCart 2 just like OpenCart 3. AutoFill and Bulk Editing help you quickly create, update, and manage SEO URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords with little to no effort. This extension also comes with many other useful features too (See all the features listed below).

As the name itself says, this extension is most suitable for multilingual stores, but it works nicely on a monolingual setup of OpenCart as well.

Extension features list:
Multilingual SEO Toolkit includes a number of features and benefits, perfect for your online store. Using this OpenCart extension, you can efficiently:

  • Append a language prefix in URL, e.g.,,, etc.
  • NEW! Use custom language prefixes, e.g., instead of
  • NEW! Use hreflang for language and regional URLs
  • Use homepage metadata (Meta Title, Meta Tag Description, and Meta Tag Keywords) per language installed
  • Use an improved URL routing algorithm to enhance the default routing system of OpenCart
  • Add multilingual and multistore SEO URL support to OpenCart 2x
  • Use subcategories with same SEO URLs, e.g., /mens/shirts and /womens/shirts
  • Use a clean homepage URL without index.php?route=common/home
  • Use SEO URL & metadata generation patterns to generate well-formed, search engine friendly SEO URLs and metadata
  • Leverage a library of pre-defined and user-defined SEO URL replacement patterns to replace specific characters in SEO URLs. The SEO URL replacement patterns support any unicode characters supported by UTF-8 (the Unicode Standard)
  • Use AutoFill to automatically fill in your SEO URLs and metadata in Products, Categories, Information, or Manufacturers
  • Use Bulk Editing to save your time by simultaneously updating multiple SEO URLs and metadata for Products, Categories, Information, or Manufacturers
  • Redirect the user to the page with corresponding multilingual SEO URLs when the user switches languages
  • Append sequential numbers to duplicate SEO URLs in Bulk Editing, e.g., value, value-2, value-3, etc.
  • Use this extension together with Cuispi XML Sitemap Generator
  • Create your own admin language files by copying and translating the original ones. Defaults to English (en-gb/english)

A picture's worth a thousand words! TRY DEMO BELOW!

Live Demo:
Try out the demo at:
Multilingual SEO Toolkit version 4x - DEMO


If you require any further information or you need any support for the product, send a request at:

Notes: This product requires a license key which you can obtain at our website (sign-up required). The license key is freely switchable among your environments: development (local), testing (staging) and production (live). If your license is already expired and you choose not to renew your license, you can still use the product on your OpenCart installation.

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