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Universal delivery method (flat, weight, item, total, free)

Universal delivery method (flat, weight, item, total, free)
This module can be used as an advanced replacement for following shipping modules/methods, with many new features:
- flat rate
- weight based
- per item
- total based
- free shipping
Cost for given tariff for given geo zone is calculated as sum (combination) from above methods).

* Multiple options in one module - displayed to customers. That means no limit for different rates (tariffs) for delivery.
Each one is configurable.

* Allows costs to be calculated as any combination on he basis of cart WEIGHT, TOTAL/SUBTOTAL, number of ITEMS, constant (FLAT) rate, or FREE shipping Under certain conditions.
* Weight and total based calculations can be:
- discrete calculated;
- linear (proportional) calculated;
and this can be set for each range (5:10 is discrete calculated, 5:10:L is linear calculated).
* free shipping can be triggered on reached cart subtotal, and:
- can specify weight limit for free shipping.
- info text is displayed in case free shipping is triggered (HTML allowed)!

* Title of the method can be set in admin panel (multilingual).
* Descriptions (or instructions) below the title (multilingual).
* Title of the geo zone can be set in admin panel (multilingual).
* Title and descriptions can be as long as you like, with HTML allowed.
* Notes can be entered, not displayed to customers.
* Easy integration (simply upload).
* No file replaced.

English and Bulgarian translation included (включен е и български превод).

Demo site Opencart 2:
Admin panel (user: demo, password: demo)
(Example to configure for delivery with Bulgarian posts for example. Пример за конфигуриране за доставки с Български пощи)

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