Unifaun Web-TA, Transport Management

Unifaun Web-TA, Transport Management
Unifaun is a market leader within Transport Management (TM) on the Nordic market. With more than 20 years of experience we provide innovative TM systems of high quality that simplify and improve processes for the transport buyer as well as for the carrier. More than 800 000 shipments registered by over 100 000 companies flow through our TM systems on a daily basis, which makes us a central part of the Nordic logistics.
In collaboration with Unifaun, we have developed an OpenCart integration with their TA systems Web-TA, DHL Multishipping, DSV e-services and Memnon Apport.

Now you can simplify and automate the processing of booking and managing freights. Risks of manual errors is minimized while saving your company both time and money. This is a web service integration between OpenCart and Unifaun. A shipping module specifically developed for Unifaun Web-TA service is included in this package.

The web-based service is used today by over 100 000 customers in
over +75 countries and more than 100 affiliated carriers.

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Sign up

You must contact Unifaun and sign a contract to have any use of this integration.

Phone: +46 8 729 88 50
E-mail: customerservice@unifaun.com
Sign up: https://www.unifaun.com/sv/transportkopare/unifaun-online/registrera-konto-i-unifaun-online/ <- Swedish only
Read more about Unifaun Web-TA: https://www.unifaun.com/sv/transportkopare/unifaun-web-ta/
Connected freight companys: https://www.unifaun.com/sv/transportkopare/unifaun-online/tillgangliga-transportorer/


- English
- Swedish


Full documentation is includeded for the following languages:

- English
- Swedish


1. Book or save freights with the press of a button
2. Cash On Delivery handling
3. Ability to set date information / instructions for pickup
4. Ability to set date information / instructions for delivery
5. Supports automatic consignment saving or booking
6. Print all shipping documents such as pick lists, receipt lists and labels
7. Choose from PDF or ZPL when creating your shipping documents
8. Automated management of sending e-mail with tracking ID to the customer
9. A weight-based shipping module is included that is customized for Memnon Apport
10. Automatic calculation of the number of packages in automated freight bookings
11. A built-in logging system that logs all events for maximum traceability
12. Notifications via SMS / email / mail / fax (depending on the shipper)
13. Supports Volume Weight calculation

Some of the shippers that is supported by Unifaun

1. Bring Frigo
2. DB Schenker
3. DHL
4. DSV
5. Geodis Wilson
6. Itella
7. FedEx
8. Postnord
9. UPS
10. AA-Logistik
11. Agility
12. Ahola Transport
13. Alwex
14. Baltship
15. Bud Bilen
16. Bussgods Västerbotten
17. Börjes Logistik & Spedition
18. Carlssons Transport
19. Ceva Logistics
20. EA Åkeri AB
21. FedEx
22. Fraktpartner
23. GDL
24. GN Transport
25. Go! Overnight
26. Green Cargo
27. Green Carrier
28. Heab
28. Hellmann
29. Höglands Logistik
30. Jetpak
31. Kuehne + Nagel
32. Kaj Inrikes
33. Kjelland Transport
34. Klimat Transport
35. Lastbilsstation
36. Mantum
37. MLT
38. Lehnkering
39. Leman
40. LKW Walter
41. Nils Hansson Logistics
42. Nordprotekt
43. NTEX
44. OnRoad
45. Ontime Logistics
46. Posten Sverige
47. Reaxcer
48. Rosenlunds Åkeri
49. ShippingDK
50. TKL Spedition
51. Transbothnia
52. TransFargo
53. Transflex Logistics
54. Tradab
55. Uppvidinge LBC
56. UPS
57. Van Dieren Sweden AB
58. Vanerline
59. Västgöta Gods
60. West Cargo Vårgårda
61. Åsundens Åkeri AB


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