GeoCurrency is a small module, which provides real-time currency exchange information

Module automatically exchanges product price to visitors currency and prints it near original price.
Visitor currency and exchange rate calculates from his IP-adress. If there is customer's currency present in your shop then extension will pick the rate from your system. And if there is no such currency then rate will be taken from the free online service.

Current version: 1.5 (Critical issue fixed !)

  • Module works on product page, with normal price or special price fields
  • Will not print exchange if current currency is the same as visitor currency

You need an vQmod extension to install this plugin. You can get it HERE

Just copy geoCUR.xml file to vQmod xml folder (vqmod/xml by default)

If something goes wrong you can rename this file like .xml~ (it will disable plugin) and then contact me with your issue.

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What customers say about GeoCurrency

Many thanks to the developer, very polite, always answering questions, working applications, if there were inconsistencies, helped in the solution. I definitely recommend it!


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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10 Feb 2024

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