Cart2Cart: WooCommerce to OpenCart Migration Module

Cart2Cart: WooCommerce to OpenCart Migration Module
WooCommerce to OpenCart Migration by Cart2Cart helps you migrate eCommerce data (products, customers, orders, etc.) from WooCommerce to OpenCart without diving into technical details. Via its intuitive interface, you'll be able to provide your WooCommerce and OpenCart stores details (to enable data exchange between them), pick the data types to transfer - and Cart2Cart migration plugin will handle the migration.

How to migrate WooCommerce to OpenCart in 3 steps?
Setting up your WooCommerce to OpenCart import is simple and requires no tech know-how:
1. Install the module and provide your WooCommerce & OpenCart store details.
2. Choose the data you’d like to migrate.
3. Run a Free Demo migration (optionally) or launch Full Migration.

WooCommerce to OpenCart migration tool by Cart2Cart is free to download and install. After installation, you’ll get 2 migration options:
  • Demo migration (free) — the plugin will export a limited amount of items from your WooCommerce store and import them to your live OpenCart website (it takes up to 10-15 minutes.)
  • Full Migration (paid)— move an unlimited amount of data from your current WooCommerce to the new OpenCart store.

    Benefits of switching WooCommerce to OpenCart with Cart2Cart:
  • Save time
    Migrating WooCommerce to OpenCart with the Cart2Cart store migration app, you’ll get your software upgraded just within a few hours.
  • Reduce migration costs
    Switching from WooCommerce to OpenCart via the plugin is 5-10 times cheaper than hiring a 3rd party agency or a developer.
  • Avoid downtime of the WooCommerce store
    The store data transfer is performed on the Cart2Cart servers, thus your selling process won’t be affected in any way.

    WooCommerce data migration with Cart2Cart. Price
    Full Migration minimum charge is $29. The final price depends on the number of entities for Opencart import and the extra options you will choose to expand the migration functionality. You can use the Cart2Cart Migration Estimator to calculate the cost of your specific migration case.

    Available data for migration:
  • Products (Options (Name, Price), Attributes (Name, Values), ID, Name, SKU, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer, Tax Class, Price, Special Price, Special Price From-To Date, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Weight, Width, Height, Depth, Downloadable Products (Files), Product Tags, Variants (Additional image), Base Image, Additional Images, Quantity, Manage Stock, Stock Status).
  • Product Categories (ID, Name, Description, Status, Image, URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords).
  • Manufacturers (Name, Image).
  • Taxes (Tax Class (Name, Rate, Description), Tax Rates (Country, Tax Name, Type, Percent).
  • Customers (ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Customer Group, Telephone, Created Date, Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code), Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
  • Orders (ID, Order Date, Order Status, Custom Order Status, Order Products (Name, SKU, Option ), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Order Comments, Order Status History, Customer Name, Email, Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone), Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code).
  • Coupons (Name, Status, Coupon Code, Coupon Date, Uses Per Coupon, Uses Per Customer, Type Discount, Discount Amount, Total available, Product, Category, Coupon Expire Date).
  • Reviews (Created Date, Status, Rate, User Name, Comment, Product).
  • Multistore.
  • Multiple languages.

    Additional migration options:
  • Create the 301 redirects on your OpenCart store after migration
  • Preserve order/product/category/customer IDs on OpenCart store
  • Migrate categories and products SEO URLs to the new Opencart store
  • Migrate images from WooCommerce products, categories, and blog posts descriptions to OpenCart ones

    WooCommerce to OpenCart migration. FAQs:
  • How to export customers’ passwords from WooCommerce store to OpenCart?
    Cart2Cart supports customer password transfer for 3.0 and higher OpenCart versions. For previous versions of OpenCart, this option will be unavailable.
  • Can I migrate multiple languages from WooCommerce to OpenCart?
    Absolutely. Cart2Cart has all the necessary functionality to migrate any number of languages accurately.
  • Does Cart2Cart export product ratings and reviews from WooCommerce store to OpenCart?
    Yes. utilizing the Plugin, you’ll be able to transfer product ratings and reviews along with products, categories, customers, order history, etc.

      So, perform an easy 3-step set up to move your WooCommerce data to OpenCart online store without any coding skills and no manual data import/export.
    • What customers say about Cart2Cart: WooCommerce to OpenCart Migration Module

      Laura D'Amico
      Cart2Cart made migrating from WooCommerce to OpenCart seamless. User-friendly interface, accurate data transfer, and responsive support. Recommended for a smooth migration experience.
      ~Laura D'Amico
      Aurora Rinaldi
      Cart2Cart made migrating from WooCommerce to OpenCart smooth and hassle-free. The user-friendly interface, flawless data transfer, and responsive support were impressive. Highly recommended for a seamless migration experience.
      ~Aurora Rinaldi
      Henry Scott
      Cart2Cart's WooCommerce to OpenCart migration was effortless. The module was user-friendly, and the migration was completed without any issues. I would definitely recommend Cart2Cart for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient store migration solution.
      ~Henry Scott

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