Multi-Store Combined Search

Multi-Store Combined Search
The default opencart behaviour is to limit a store's search function to search for products only in the current store's product catalogue.

This new plugin extends the default search functionality, allowing customers to perform searches from the standard opencart search screen that traverses across all the stores that are part of the single Opencart installation. The plugin is VQMOD-based, so extremely easy to install.

This is perfect for those Opencart installations that have multiple stores with large catalogues where you want customers to be able to find products across the different stores by using the standard opencart search function.

This plugin extends the default search behaviour by allowing customers to now search across:

  • The current store
  • Any other store (including the default store)
  • All stores

So, for example, if you have three stores:

  •, products A, B and C
  •, products A, B and D
  •, products A, C, E

When landed on and searching for product D, you will be presented with a link to

This means that the link that is generated for each search result is also context aware.

Additionally, the plugin is also SEO-aware, and will ensure that it generates SEO-friendly URLS for all stores whenever Opencart SEO is enabled.


  • Search across multiple stores
  • SEO supported
  • VQMOD only (easy to install)

Demo: (thanks Allessandro)

Supported Versions:

  • 1.5.4.x
  • 1.5.6.x

If your specific version is not listed here and you would like me to add support for your specific version please let me know so I can do the work.


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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