Cart2Cart: CubeCart to OpenCart Migration Module

Cart2Cart: CubeCart to OpenCart Migration Module
Cart2Cart: CubeCart to OpenCart Migration Module is designed to make the life of online merchants easier. Once you decide to empower your business and move to the more advanced OpenCart platform, there are 3 steps to get the job done. The data import with the Cart2Cart migration tool is performed automatically and you’ll be indeed surprised how smooth and fast it is.

The process of launching the entities' transfer is simplified to the fullest. There is no need to be tech-savvy to set up OpenCart import. Most significantly, your current CubeCart store performance will not be affected while Cart2Cart gradually transports the entities to the new OpenCart store. There will be no slowdowns, delays, late responses and unsatisfied customers. Besides, the 24/7 support team guarantees that no import-related issue remains unsolved. Customers are provided professional assistance on every step.

Benefits of switching CubeCart to OpenCart with the Cart2Cart migration tool:

  • How to migrate CubeCart store to OpenCart in 3 steps:
    Install Cart2Cart: CubeCart to OpenCart Migration module, ensure the connection with the Source cart by uploading the Connection Bridge to its root folder and select entities for the transfer. That’s it! You can start the OpenCart data import.

  • 100% uptime for CubeCart store secured
    Data migration with Cart2Cart migration solution does not interfere with the performance of your current CubeCart store. You will be able to deal with your customers and they will make new orders during the automated eCommerce data import. Thus, there are no downtime, financial losses or delays to worry about.

  • Cart2Cart offers SUPPORT 24/7
    Once you face any issue that you can not cope with the contact Support team that provides assistance 24/7. Any transfer-related problem will be fixed by tech professionals and all the required info will be provided right away. You can contact Support Manager via phone, live chat or ticket.

  • No need to be tech specialist
    Setting up the entities transfer is absolutely easy and can be done even by a person with absolutely no tech skills. The step-by-step migration guide provides detailed instructions on how to start the automated migration. The new, robust store is indeed a matter of a few clicks with the Cart2Cart module.

  • Pay only for items you migrate
    Cart2Cart offers a flexible pricing policy for automated migration. You choose the items you want to migrate and, once needed, the additional options for data transfer - you’ll be charged only for the things you select.

  • Try Free Demo to check the service
    The major benefit that Free Demo offers is that you can check what advantages you will get launching full data import via Cart2Cart. Besides, it is always advisable to try the offer before making the final decision. Demo Migration is what we suggest! Get a limited number of entities migrated in less than 30 minutes.

    Cart2Cart: CubeCart to OpenCart Migration Module is free to download, and after installation, you’ll be offered 2 migration options:

    1. Free Demo — by launching Demo Migration you’ll be able to transfer a limited amount of data to your live OpenCart store. You don’t have one yet? You can import data to the Cart2Cart test store - both to try the automated migration and to evaluate the benefits of the OpenCart. The Demo will be completed within 30 minutes.
    2. Full Migration— launching Full Migration enables you to migrate the UNLIMITED number of items to your OpenCart store. The minimal price for the full migration is $69. The pricing policy offered by Cart2Cart is fair and simple - you pay for the data that you actually transfer and the additional options you select to enlarge the functionality of the OpenCart data import. You can make use of the Cart2Cart Migration Estimator to calculate the cost of your specific migration case.

    What entities you can export when migrating from CubeCart to OpenCart?

    • Products(ID, Name, SKU, Full Description, Manufacturer, Tax Class, Special Price, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Quantity, Stock Availability, Weight, UPC, Options (Name, Price)
    • Product Categories (Name, ID, Status, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords)
    • Manufacturers (Name)
    • Customers (ID, Telephone, Newsletter, Gender, Created Date), Customer Billing Address, Customer Shipping Address)
    • Orders (ID, Order Date, Order Status, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Customer Name, Telephone, Email, Billing Address, Shipping Address)

    Additional options to expand migration possibilities:

    • Clear current data on Target Store before Migration
    • Preserve order/product/category/customer IDs on the new OpenCart store
    • Skip product thumbnail images migration
    • Migrate CubeCart categories and products SEO URLs to the new OpenCart store
    • Strip HTML from category, product names, and descriptions
    • Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions
    • Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store
  • What customers say about Cart2Cart: CubeCart to OpenCart Migration Module

    Great Support. Quick and safe migrations!
    Looking forward to using a simple tool to migrate form CubeCart to OpenCart! Customer service has been very prompt and helpful. Thanks cart2cart!
    Made my life so simple! We were stressing over the store migration as we have over 10,000 orders, customers and products to move. Tech support helped with every step and was the whole reason we went forward with purchasing the service.

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
    • Documentation Included


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