Cart2Cart: Interspire to OpenCart Migration Module

Cart2Cart: Interspire to OpenCart Migration Module
Interspire to OpenCart Migration by Cart2Cart is an optimal eCommerce data migration tool for those online entrepreneurs who want to migrate products from Interspire to OpenCart without codes and scripts. The automated 3-step setup of the Interspire data migration with Cart2Cart requires a few minutes only, while a full-scale Interspire to OpenCart import takes a few hours.

Interspire to OpenCart migration by Cart2Cart. How does it work?
To convert Interspire to OpenCart, there are no technical expertise required at all:
1. Enter your Interspire & OpenCart store details and connect them via the Connection Bridge.
2. Choose the data you’d like to export from Interspire to OpenCart.
3. Run a Free Demo migration (optionally) or launch Full Interpire to OpenCart Migration.

Interspire to OpenCart Migration Module by Cart2Cart is free to download and install. After installation, you will be offered 2 migration options:
  • Demo migration (free) — the module will transfer a limited amount of items from the Interspire store to your live OpenCart website (it lasts 10-15 minutes.)
  • Full Migration (paid)— the module will move an unlimited amount of Interspire data to the new OpenCart store (it takes a few hours usually).

    Benefits of switching Interspire to OpenCart:
  • Reduce the time needed for replatforming
    Automating the store data transfer via the module will help you transfer Interspire to OpenCart much faster.
  • Minimize the risks of errors
    Switching from WooCommerce to OpenCart via the plugin will help you reduce the possible human-associated errors.
  • Avoid putting your Interspire business on hold
    The Interspire data migration to OpenCart is handled on the Cart2Cart servers so that there will be no impact on your sales or customers.

    How much does it cost to move Interspire to OpenCart with store migration app by Cart2Cart?
    The Full Migration price starts at $29 and varies depending on the number of entities you choose to migrate and additional options. You can use the Cart2Cart Migration Estimator to calculate the exact cost of your specific migration case.

    Data you can move from Interspire to OpenCart:
  • Products (ID, Name, SKU, Full Description, Manufacturer, Tax Class, Special Price, Tier Price, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Quantity, Stock Availability, Weight, Width, Height, Options (Name, Price)
  • Product Categories (Name, ID, Status, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords)
  • Manufacturers (Name)
  • Customers (ID, Telephone, Newsletter, Created Date, Customer Billing Address, Customer Shipping Address)
  • Orders (ID, Order Date, Order Status, Order Products (Name, SKU), SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Customer Name, Telephone, Email, Billing Address, Shipping Address)
  • Coupons (Name, Coupon Code, Type Discount, Discount Amount)
  • Reviews (Created Date, Status, Rate, User Name, Comment, Product)
    Extra Migration Options to Expand Migration Possibilities:

    Additional migration options to expand migration possibilities:
  • Preserve Interspire product/category/customer/order IDs on the new OpenCart store
  • Move Interspire store images from products descriptions, categories descriptions, and blog posts descriptions to the OpenCart store

    Interspire to OpenCart migration. FAQs:
  • Can I export customers’ passwords from Interspire store to my new OpenCart?
    Cart2Cart supports customer password transfer for 3.0 and higher OpenCart versions. For previous versions of OpenCart, this option will be unavailable.

  • Is it possible to migrate multiple languages from Interspire to OpenCart?
    Absolutely. Cart2Cart has all the necessary functionality to migrate any number of languages accurately.

  • Does Cart2Cart export Interspire product ratings and reviews to OpenCart?
    Yes. The module allows migrating Interspire store product ratings and reviews along with products, categories, customers, order history, etc. to the new OpenCart platform.

      So, perform a simple 3-step migration from Interspire to OpenCart and establish a fresh online store without tech skills and no manual data import/export.
    • What customers say about Cart2Cart: Interspire to OpenCart Migration Module

      Valentina Leone
      Cart2Cart made migrating from Interspire to OpenCart seamless. User-friendly interface, accurate data transfer, and responsive support. Recommended for a smooth migration experience.
      ~Valentina Leone
      Cart2Cart made migrating from Interspire to OpenCart smooth and hassle-free. The user-friendly interface, flawless data transfer, and responsive support were impressive. Highly recommended for a seamless migration experience.
      Isaac Ramirez
      Cart2Cart's Interspire to OpenCart migration module was impressive. The migration was completed in no time, and the module was intuitive to use. I highly recommend Cart2Cart to anyone looking for a seamless store migration solution.
      ~Isaac Ramirez

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