Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart Migration Module

Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart Migration Module
Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart Migration Module is created to facilitate the process of data migration and make your switch to OpenCart as simple as possible. OpenCart import via Cart2Cart migration tool is shortened to the fullest: all you need to do is to follow 3 effortless steps and you’ll become a happy owner of a robust store. Everything will be done within your OpenCart admin panel without any redirections.

SunShop to OpenCart data import with Cart2Cart migration solution allows you to accurately export customers, products, orders with all the corresponding relations preserved to the new OpenCart store. There is no need to be tech-savvy to perform qualitative SunShop to OpenCart import, as all your entities will be transferred automatically right after you set up the connection between two carts. The actual process of switching will have no negative impact on your current SunShop store performance, it will remain fully active and available for customers. In case you have any migration-related questions, you can always appeal to the 24/7 support team.

Benefits of switching SunShop to OpenCart with Cart2Cart:

  • 3 simple steps to your new store
    Install Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart migration plugin, upload the Connection bridge to your SunShop cart root folder and choose entities for data import. 1 click is now what needed to start the migration.

  • 100% SunShop uptime
    Cart2Cart store migration app guarantees your current SunShop store will be fully active and available for purchases. That means you have absolutely no reason to worry about traffic decrease or revenue loss. Continue selling while your data is moving to OpenCart.

  • Get professional assistance 24/7
    If you have any specific requirements for your SunShop to OpenCart migration or with any questions concerning data transfer - feel free to contact friendly Cart2Cart 24/7 support via phone, live chats or tickets.

  • No need to be tech-savvy
    Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart migration plugin will transfer your data automatically right after you provide the service with all the needed credentials. There is absolutely no need to possess programming or tech skills as the migration process is accompanied by Migration Wizard. Follow the tips and you’ll meet your new store sooner than expected.

  • Pay exactly for the data you move
    Cart2Cart provides its users with a flexible pricing policy. It means the total price of your migration straightforwardly depends on the number of entities you import to OpenCart and additional options that you may pick up to broaden the possibilities of your replatforming. To check up the approximate price of your migration you can use free Online Estimator available on the Cart2Cart official website.

  • Test the quality of migration with Free Demo
    Cart2Cart migration solution offers you to perform Free Demo migration from SunShop to OpenCart to check the quality of data transfer. Within test migration, a limited number of data will be securely moved to your live OpenCart store in 30 minutes (if you don’t have one, use the Cart2Cart test store). Demo migration gives you a chance to see how your updated store will look like. If you’re satisfied with the results - proceed with full-scale OpenCart import.

    Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart Migration Module is free to download, and after installation, you’ll be offered 2 migration options:

    1. Free Demo — exports a limited number of entities from your current SunShop store to a live OpenCart (or Cart2Cart test store) in less than 30 mins. Test migration is a unique possibility to evaluate the quality of data transfer and check how your store will look like on a new desirable platform.
    2. Full Migration — allows you to migrate from SunShop to OpenCart Migration UNLIMITED number of eCommerce data with all the relations between entities preserved. The minimum price for Full migration is $69 and it may vary according to the number of entities you want to import to OpenCart and additional options you may choose to empower your migration from osCommerce.

    Available data fro migration

    • Products (ID, Name, SKU, Full Description, Manufacturer, Tax Class, Special Price, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Quantity, Stock Availability, Weight, Options (Name, Price)
    • Product Categories (Name, ID, Status, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords)
    • Customers (ID, Telephone, Newsletter, Customer Billing Address, Customer Shipping Address)
    • Orders (ID, Order Date, Order Status, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Customer Name, Telephone, Email, Billing Address, Shipping Address)

    Additional migration options:

    • Clear current data on Target Store before Migration
    • Preserve orde/customer IDs on the new OpenCart store
    • Skip product thumbnail images migration
    • Strip HTML from category, product names, and descriptions
    • Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions
    • Change products quantity to 100 on the new OpenCart store
  • What customers say about Cart2Cart: SunShop to OpenCart Migration Module

    Giuseppe Marino
    Cart2Cart made migrating from SunShop to OpenCart seamless. User-friendly interface, accurate data transfer, and responsive support. Recommended for a smooth migration experience.
    ~Giuseppe Marino
    Alessandro Ricci
    Cart2Cart made migrating from SunShop to OpenCart a smooth experience. The user-friendly interface, accurate data transfer, and responsive support were impressive. Highly recommended for a hassle-free migration process.
    ~Alessandro Ricci
    Emma Garcia
    The migration module was user-friendly and straightforward, and I didn't face any issues during the process. The support team was helpful and responsive, which made the whole experience smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommend Cart2Cart for any store migration needs!
    ~Emma Garcia

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
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