Authorize.Net (ARB) Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net (ARB) Payment Gateway
This extension will allow your shopping cart to accept credit/debit card payments directly on your site using the Authorize.Net merchant gateway. It uses the latest AIM API for accepting the payment.

It also supports automatically creating a recurring subscription at Authorize.Net using the ARB API. The recurring subscription is completely customizable on a per product basis. You can customize when the recurring subscription starts, how often it recurs, and how much should be charged each time it recurs.

*** Note: The ARB service for Authorize.Net is an addon service. You must first add the ARB service to your Authorize.Net account before this extension will work.

This extension also has support for the recurring profiles that were added in OpenCart version 1.5.6. These allow for a single product to support multiple different recurring subscription plans. It also shows a list of recurring subscriptions on the frontend for the customer (Account > Recurring Payments) and in the admin backend (Sales > Recurring Profiles). Both of these locations allow you to view the recurring subscriptions as well as cancel the recurring subscription.

*** Note: When creating a profile for a product in Catalog > Products, Authorize.Net ARB does not support week, semi month, and year for the frequency. It also does not support trial cycle and trial frequency. These are not limitations with the extension rather limitations with the Authorize.Net ARB service.

If you install the cron script on your web host, the extension will automatically create an order when a subscription is processed. This will send an email receipt to the customer with their recurring charge, allow you to keep track of your total sales including recurring subscriptions in OpenCart as well as trigger events to happen.

*** Note: Currently the automatic order creation doesn't support modifying the recurring amount they're charged on an order. It will also set the shipping method to free shipping on the recurring order and set any taxes to $0.00. If there is a need for these advanced features to be integrated, get in contact with us.

This extension has support for Order Transactions. This allows for you to capture/void/refund transactions made using this payment method directly from within OpenCart!

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