Product Feeds - Árukereső, Shopmánia, Árgép, Kirakat

Product Feeds - Árukereső, Shopmánia, Árgép, Kirakat
Simple, easy to generate products feeds with custom products in the Product Feeds extension. You can generate for five feeds, such as ÁrGép (, Árukereső (, Kirakat (, Olcsóbbat ( and Shopmánia (, beside the default feeds. The product feed can contain all the products, none of the them or custom products with autocomplete name. But you can set excluded products too to left out it from the all. The shipping cost is required data. It can be weight or price based or fix. The rates must be given either similarly the weight based shipping or as a simple number. The delivery time is required for Árukereső data feed. It can be given with a table in which you have to give a delivery time in days for the each stock status. The delivery time presents the stock status on the It appears on the product page so that the delivery time should appear on the internet. There is a filling rule under the table.
You can set custom language, currency or store if it exists in your store. To use it you should place into the url the codes of the language, currency or the store_id like this: for euro and german and default store: http://YOUR_STORE_URL/index.php?route=feed/shopmania&currency=EUR&language=DE&store_id=0.
The product feed can be viewed according to the save options. Of course, for the web catalogue this new web page address must be written/copied in. If you want to put a product into more feeds, simplier to set it on its product page.
It includes hungarian admin language files.

- Generate product feed with custom products
- Create for five feeds, beside the default feeds
- Feeds of this extension: ÁrGép (, Árukereső (, Kirakat (, Olcsóbbat ( and Shopmánia (
- You can select all the products, none of them
- Set custom or excluded products with autocomplete name
- The product feed can be viewed according to the save options
- The feeds can be set for each product on its product page too
- Calculate custom shipping cost based on price/weight (similarly like the weight based shipping) or fix shipping cost
- Calculate delivery time for Árukereső with a table to appear the stock status on the internet (
- Multi-lingual support
- Multi-currency support
- Multi-store support
- Included hungarian admin and front-end language files

- We added a file to the download called "install.php". It's a script that will do the above mentioned modification to your database automatically. Using it, is extremely dangeorus, so create a backup of your database before use it.
- To run the script: open your web browser and go to "http://YOUR_STORE_URL/install.php". USE IT ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Please use the comment section for general questions, feedbacks etc... only. For error related and for more complex problems, please use the forum or send a message to our email address!

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