Advertisement Module

Advertisement Module
The best Advertising solution across the whole opencart platform. Consisting all necessary features to display advertisement on your site.

Features :
=> Set advertisement block on any page and at any place (ie. left,right,top,bottom)
=> Automatic and Manual cycle option to select for particular block
=> Flexible navigation. (ie. Vertical and Horizontal)
=> Add unlimited number of Ads
=> Third party link for an Ad
=> Add/edit/enable/disable Ads name and Advertisement block name
=> Display Ads name on mouse hover
=> Sorting order
=> Enable / Disable random ads
=> Add/Edit multiple advertisement blocks for Ads

Installation : (VQMOD required)
=> Download the package and add all the package files to relevant folders including xml file in VQMOD folder
=> Import advertisement.sql into your database, that will add three tables into your DB

Setup :
=> Goto admin site => Extensions => Install Advertisement Settings => Add Block Name (ie. Left block 1) => Click on Add module => Select Added block (ie. Left block 1), add all relevant details and click on Save
=> Now goto Catalog => Advertisement => Click on Insert button => Select block (ie. Left block 1) => Add all required details , upload Ad image and click on Save
=> That's all!

Note :
Create separate advertisement block (ie. Left Block 1, Right Block 1, Top Block 1, Bottom Block 1) for each positions (left, right, top, bottom) in same layout.

For example: If you want to use two left blocks for separate advertisements then you need to create two blocks for advertisements (ie. Left Block 1, Left Block 2)

user: demo
pass: demo

If you face any difficulties while installation or post installation or if you have any queries/doubts feel free to contact us on
You can also request any type of modifications in this module.

Happy Advertising folks!!

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