Import/Export Pro

Import/Export Pro
Import/Export Pro - Discover the best importer/exporter on OpencartDo you want try it? Download Basic version FOR FREE!!
Super easy install in 1 minute! -> See video


DAILY TASKS - You can make hard daily maintenance tasks very easy and fast.
  • Update product stocks.
  • Update product prices.
  • Update product options.
  • Update product images.
BULK CREATE - You can bulk create all elements exactly like you want in your store.
  • Bulk create products.
  • Bulk create categories.
  • Bulk create manufacturers.
  • Bulk create options.
  • Bulk create options values.
  • Bulk create filter groups.
  • Bulk create filters.
  • Bulk create attribute groups.
  • Bulk create attributes.
BULK DELETE - You can bulk delete elements, for example
  • Delete all products
  • Delete all products from one or all manufacturers.
  • Delete all products where the quantity is between two numbers eg 0 - 10.
  • Delete all products where the price is between two numbers eg $5.00 - $10.00.
  • Delete all attributes that aren’t assigned to any product.
  • Delete all filters that aren’t assigned to any product.
BACKUPS - You can do full backups from your store, you can choose between the next data: Affiliates, Attribute groups, Attributes, Banners, Categories, Countries, Coupons, Currencies, Custom fields, Customer groups, Customers, Addresses, Downloads, Filters, Filter groups, Geo zones, Informations, Languages, Layouts, Lengths, Locations, Manufacturers, Marketings, Modifications, Options, Option values, Orders, Products, Recurrings, Profiles, Returns, Reviews, Seo urls, Statistics, Stock statuses, Stores, Taxes, Uploads, Vouchers, Weights, Zones.

CRON JOBS - If you are getting your data from a provider, via XML, CSV, EXCEL, Google Spreadsheet… we can personalize it to suit your needs, getting these task to update automatically every hour every day or every week!

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What customers say about Import/Export Pro

Great work on this Extension. Really easy to use and fully documented. Plus the support is excellent!!!Well done Devman
Sebastian C
I want to highlight the support, very fast and accurate.
~Sebastian C
very good


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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