Content generator (SEO Texts) v1.0.2

Content generator (SEO Texts) v1.0.2
This extension is purposed for automatic generating of optimized texts for all products and categories. Semantic core + unique text for each page! Block with this text can be placed in different position on a page.

Improvements of you shop for search-engines (words matter):
    - additional seo-texts for goods and categories
    - allow to add unique seo-friendly content
    - using different headings for different purposes (H1-H6)

Texts are generated by using the pattern that you specify (very useful admin panel). In this pattern you can use meta-tags of product or category such as Description, Keywords and Title. Also you can use common description of product or category, product tags, manufacturer name, price, name of category, to which product belongs, or hierarchy of all categories, including parent categories of the main category, and other data.

Short example for item:

Are you trying to find “product_name” in the City?

In our internet-shop you can find all kind of “all_category_name” in the City. You can buy “product_name” “model_name”} for only $ “price”}. It is the best way to decide your problem…

This automatically generated texts can be placed on product and category pages in left or right columns, on the top or bottom of the page. Also there is a possibility to replace the default description on the page by the generated text.

Therefore this extension provides additional opportunity for seo optimization of category and product pages, as you get unique seo-texts as the result of generating. It makes website promotion easier and more comfortable. You don’t need to write thousands descriptions for every product, so the extention saves Your time. And time is money!

login/password: demo/demo.

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History of changes:
v1.0.1 Bug with generation for categories without setting range was fixed.
v1.0.2 Bug appeared when there was no seo text for category or product was fixed.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6

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3 Jun 2014

22 Apr 2014
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