ScheduledPriceChange - Change Price on a Selected Date

ScheduledPriceChange - Change Price on a Selected Date

ScheduledPriceChange is a wonderful way for planning discounts and future promos in your OpenCart store. Inspired by the old SIMS clothing stores, this module is wonderful for any business that has a rapid turnover of very limited stock or for any of you who would like to plan ahead all of their year's discounted merchandise. ScheduledPriceChange also allows for a step-by-step discount (Setting 1 week of 5%, another of 10%, a third of 15% and so on). The store owner can also benefit from "Conditional" settings tweaking to further their approach. For more info, please check the module out.

✯ Discounted Orders History
✯ Set Price discount duration
✯ User friendly easy to use admin panel
✯ Schedule Products/Categories discount
✯ Current product quantity display
✯ Manually revert price changes
✯ Schedule price decrease or increase
✯ View interactive calculated new price
✯ Set valid from date
✯ Special Conditions (If product is bought more/less than or if quantity is more/less than)
✯ MultiStore compatible
✯ Global Enable/Disable Module
✯ Clean and crisp implementation, no core files overwritten
Make sure to check this module's release Log for latest features, version releases, improvements and bug fixes

ScheduledPriceChange Front End DEMO
Admin Panel DEMO

You can find more information about module Licensing here. Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop/JooCart and FAQ here.


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