Hide Product Fields - Admin Product Minifier

Hide Product Fields - Admin Product Minifier
! New version of Admin Product Minifier - now you can show different fields and tabs for different user groups. You can also move all the visible fields to a single tab and make product administration much more simple!

Admin Product Minifier lets you hide unnecessary fields and tabs from Admin > Catalog > Product (add/edit) page.
Most of the fields (specified in Features) can be hidden so it's possible to optimize and simplify the workflow and hide the unused fields and tabs from e-shop product editors.

Latest version lets you hide different fields for different user groups so Administrator can view and edit different fields compared to Editor, Moderator etc.

Now extension also lets you move all the visible fields to a single tab so product administration becomes extremely easy and time-saving.

Extension features:

    All tabs except General and Data can be hidden. And even those can be merged to a single tab.
    These fields in General tab can be hidden: Meta Tag Description, Meta Tag Keywords, Product Tags.
    All fields in Data tab can be hidden except Model and Status.
    If you hide price field, You can set default price value.
    If you hide quantity field, you can set default quantity value.
    If you hide minimum quantity field, you can set default minimum quantity value.
    Extension does not modify any cores files, and does not make any drastic changes to templates so it's save to use on most, even modified OpenCart admin panels.

Username: demo
Password: demo
Extension Settings can be found on Extensions >> Extensions >> Modules >> Admin Product Minifier .

Update 2023-11-08 :
* Added support for OpenCart v3.0.3.9.

Update 2021-01-25 :
* Fixed minor bug which generated SEO tab error in the system log.

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