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The mod was made while I was using my costume theme. Therefore, it may not totally work on your theme. If it is not work, simply delete the xml, then all the thing turn back to original.

I will modify it into a more universal version later while I have time (currently very busy). Thanks.

-------------------Simplify the Registration Process--------------------

Don't you think there are too much to be fill in for people to register in your website?
The extension cut most of the unnecessary information fill in field in the registration form, as shown in the image.
More over, address form has been simplified too; the following field of address form had been cut, including address 2, company name, etc.

It works on all registration form, including those in checkout page, account page, etc. (Expect the affiliate registration form)

no core files will be overwritten, you must have vqmod installed to use the mod
It had been tested to work fine on and; I think it works on 1.5.x too

Please donate $2 to, If you are appreciate about the extension. Thank you !!

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1 Jul 2014

4 May 2014
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