SafePay Network: The Anti-fraud Solution

SafePay Network: The Anti-fraud Solution
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SafePay Network: Anti-fraud Solution

SafePay Network Inc. is committed to protecting both your business and customers against online fraud attacks, 24/7. There is no disruption to your business or your customers’ experiences and there are no cart abandonment issues. Consumers will have a greater peace of mind shopping online with your business, simply because they feel safer!

How Does SafePay Work?

SafePay Network has purposefully designed a ground-breaking solution that protects both merchant and cardholders from falling victim to online credit card fraud. The solution is seamless to your business sales and customer experiences, while protecting your from fraud-chargebacks and fraud losses.The whole process takes a few seconds.

Please feel free to view our video, which shows how SafePay Network works

Each time a SafePay registered customer’s payment information is entered in your shopping cart, SafePay Network sends a real-time Verification Request directly to their SafePay smartphone app, asking them to verify the activity:

- If the online transaction is legitimate, customers would simply tap the “Confirm” button on the SafePay app and they safely proceed to the final checkout, completing the transaction;

- If the online activity is a fraud attack, the customer would simply tap the “Deny” button, immediately terminating the online order and preventing the fraudster from checking out. This instantly protects your business from a fraud-chargeback penalty and other financial losses.

- When SafePay registered customers doesn’t respond to their Verification Request in time (“Time-Outs”), SafePay Network enables you to manage them by creating business rules for these specific events. Through the SafePay Network Control Panel on the module, you can either:
a) Allow all transactions to move to the final stages of the checkout; or
b) Force all transactions to “Restart”, requesting the SafePay registered customer to respond to their SafePay Verification Request; or
c) Create dollar threshold amounts to control transactions that fall under this value to move to the final stages of the checkout; and for all transactions that are above the threshold amount to “Restart”, reminding the registered customer to respond to their verification request.

- If the customer is not registered with SafePay, it's truly business as usual. SafePay Network does not stop the sale.

How To Register:

1) Download the SafePay Network: Anti-Fraud Solution Module for OpenCart;
2) Register your subscription account with SafePay Network by visiting:
3) Once you have completed the registration and subscription of your SafePay Online Retailer Account, enter your SafePay Username and Password into the Control Admin Panel of the SafePay Network Module. It’s that simple!!

For more information, please visit, or email us at

SafePay - Simply the Safe Way to Pay.

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