Product statistics and Edit links in FrontEnd

Product statistics and Edit links in FrontEnd
FrontEnd product statistics and edit link shows the most useful product, category and manufacturer page statistics and edit links while you browse your store as a customer. All this information is shown only to logged in e-shop admnistrators.

You need to login to store administration pages (backend) to be able to see the information and edit links.
By default information line is hidden until you click the arrow at the bottom left of the screen so it does not cover any website elements.

Information shown in Product page:
    Product sales in last 7 days / 30 days/ 90 days / 1 year / 3 year
    Product price changes in last 7 days / 30 days/ 90 days / 1 year / 3 year
    Date when product added
    Total product views
    Total product sales
    Items currently in stock
    Link to edit product (opens product form - Admin >>Catalog >> Product Edit )

Information shown in Category and Manufacturer pages:
    Product sales in last 7 days / 30 days/ 90 days / 1 year / 3 year
    Total category/manufacturer product views
    Total category/manufacturer product sales
    Date when category created
    Link to edit category/manufacturer (opens product form - Admin >>Catalog >> Category / Manufacturer )

Extension also adds link to edit store's Information pages.

All the information is shown in product/category/information/manufacturer pages (client side) at the bottom of the browser window (sticks to the bottom when you scroll) when you are logged in to e-shop admin side. It's just for administrators - e-shop visitors don't see this information.
Language files are available.[/list]

Vqmod and Ocmod versions available.

Latest update - 2021-02-23 :
Added support for OpenCart v.

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