Masonry All Products (VQMOD)

Masonry All Products (VQMOD)
Masonry All Products (VQMOD):

This will help you display all of your products in one page and it will give your customer an easy way to find out what they want.

Features :
=> All products at one place (page)
=> Masonary style product list (No Pagination)
=> Amazing product loading on scrolling
=> Sorting with Name,Price and Model
=> No core file changes
=> Easy installation

Installation : (VQMOD required)
=> Download the package and add all the package files to relevant folders including xml file in VQMOD folder
=> The module is built for the default theme. In order to make the module work for your theme, you will just need to change the path according to your theme in all_products.xml file in vqmod/xml folder.

Setup :
=> Goto admin site => System => edit Settings => Go to Option tab and Set Default Items Per Page (I.E. 5) => Now go to Image tab and set All Products Image Size and Save.
=> It will automatic create ALL PRODUCT page link in header using VQMOD.
=> That's all!
Note : Set Default Items Per Page (I.E. 5), this will display 5 products on ALL PRODUCTS page at once and when you scroll down the page it will load 5 more products.


Support :
Free design changes according to your site template.

Contact details:
Email : nlitewebs (at) gmail (dot) com


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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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