Product Shipping Status 1.5.X (Backorder/Partial Order tracking)

Product Shipping Status 1.5.X (Backorder/Partial Order tracking)

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This extension allows you to mark which products in an order have been shipped, and will update a customer with the list of products that are marked shipped. This is ideal where you've only got a partial order ready to ship, and can then select which order products you've sent, leaving the products you haven't unchecked in the order. This has a number of additional features, such as auto e-mailing the customer with the information on what you're shipping, and also allows you to select an order status to change to automatically when all of the products in that order have been shipped

If you use my canned messages extension (included in the demo above but MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY for its additional functionality) you can have custom messages go to the customer. This also adds a couple of new canned messages tags for you to use in an order status such as those that have been shipped, and those still waiting to be shipped


Can integrate with my Canned messages modification
Simple installation
Uses vQmod and does not overwrite any existing core files
Should work on all themes without modification (some slight css tweaks may be required)
Works with Joomla based versions of opencart such as MijoShop

The fantastic icons used in the demo are not part of the download, however they are free to download from the original creators website - available here from Premium Pixels


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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8 Apr 2016

11 May 2014
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