Mass quantity and/or price update

Mass update of product prices or quantities.- Inventory Price and/or Quantity Update tool for OpenCart Version 1.5.6.x

Version update:
Version 0.7 2 Changes:
1). Changed it so it can have less then all three fields. The problem reported was people not having a price field and using excel to edit. This would cause the file to have:
(notice no 2nd comma). Without the 2nd comma the script would kick an error about not enough fields.
2). A second fix; If someone enclosed the fields in quotes “” the script would not know what to do with it. Now it strips the quotes.

Based on the module made by Peter Finnegan Tested in versions 1.5.6

The is an adaptation of Mr. Finnegan's work but updated for use with Opencart version 1.5.6 plus it also now does price updates along with the original quantity updates. You do not need to make any core file changes if you use VQMod. Otherwise you'll have to interpret the xml file and make the changes in each of the files adjusted in the xml file.

Use a comma delimited text file (.csv) with up to 3 fields per line but should have at least two.
If you use more or less fields you will get an error. BUT this does allow you to skip a field IF you maintain the structure.

DO NOT USE ANY , separators in your model or price field. i.e. if you have a price of $3,000.10, it should be 3000.10, do NOT include the , as this will make the script think it needs to move to the next field also do not include $ as it can have unusual results.

Model or SKU,Quantity,Price
Mustang,1,550.00 = good
grum04,10,125.00 = good
grog04,,125.00 = good (no quantity update)
fomp1,12, = good (no price update)
floor1,12 = good (Quantity update, no price update) !New as of versions 0.7
flop,, = you will get an error
,,100 = you will get an error
,12, = you will get an error

The choice of using Model or SKU to reference the product is by a radio button in admin.

An on-screen list is returned for any record where a corresponding product in the database was not found.

As with Mr. Finnegan's script, here are the same important notes:
- If the model or sku is not unique in the table then all records in the table for that model or sku will be updated.
- If the model or sku is repeated in the text (.csv) file then the product in the table will be updated to the last corresponding entry in the text file.

If you like it please vote or comment. Thanks.
You can also post here: I'll watch the posting but I do not plan on making many updates (if any) but I am interested in knowing peoples thoughts.

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