More Product Pages(Latest, Featured, Bestseller and more)

More Product Pages(Latest, Featured, Bestseller and more)
This is some upgraded and powerful new opencart pages for you to use.

This extension gives your opencart website more pages such as latest products page, featured products page, best seller products, all products, discount products, most viewed products page and customized page.

Key Features:

1. Multi Languages;
2. Create your own favourite SEO URL Keyword;
3. Can set configuration for every page at admin;
4. Set the number of products to show for specific page such as Latest Page, Most Viewed Page;
5. Edit your own the heading title, meta title, meta description, meta keywords for each page;
6. Enable each page to show at front end or not;
7. All the pages have English, German, Italian, Jpanese, Dutch, Romana, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language files. You an create your own website's language file for these pages, or get support from me.

Latest Page

Show the latest products in this page , and get the product order by date added; You can set the number of product to show;

All Products Page

Show all the products;

Bestseller Page

Show products sold, default order by order numbers including specific product. You can set the number to show;

Discount Page

Show all the discount products;

Featured Product Page

Show all the featured products which are set in your featured modules;

Most Viewed Page

Show the products viewed by visitors, default order by clicks; Can set the number to show.

Customized Page

Maybe you want to show some specific products and rename the page heading title to your favorite names, this page let you choose products to show and customize your own page title.

Demo For OpenCart 2.0.x:

Demo Admin:

Username: demo

Password: demo

When you log in admin, then Admin Menu -> COC -> More Pages

You can add page links in your website as follows:

Bestseller Page:

Featured Page:

Latest Page:

All Products Page:

Discount Page:

Most Viewed or Popular Page:

Customized Page:

If you have enabled Rewrite URL function, then you can add pages links as follows:

Iif you do not know how to edit your website codes to add this link, please contact me and I’ll do it for you without any fee.

Installation article: Installation of OpenCart Extension – More Product Pages(Latest, Featured, Bestseller, All Products, Discount, Most Viewed, Customized Page)


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