SEO Rich Snippet Reviews Microdata for Product page

SEO Rich Snippet Reviews Microdata for Product page reviews microdata and Review-aggregate microdata for OpenCart product

The HTML5 microdata specification is a way to label content to describe a specific type of information—for example, reviews, person information, or events.
Each information type describes a specific type of item, such as a person, and event, or a review. For example, an event has the properties venue, starting time, name, and category.

This extension will add:

microdata to your product page.

Google understands this format and will create beautiful rich snippet with rating stars and reviews count near the search results.

Visit to test the result.

If something goes wrong - you can rename this file like .xml~ (it will disable plugin) and then contact me with your issue.

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What customers say about SEO Rich Snippet Reviews Microdata for Product page

Fantastic product and very professional service & support.
If the product do not have a rate, this send the information with errors, so gives to many problems on the search console of google


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