Advanced Postcode Manager : Best Postcode Management Tool

Advanced Postcode Manager : Best Postcode Management Tool

Advanced pincode manager extension for opencart gives you control over pincode management for your opencart store. It provides you with lot of different features related with pincode which helps your customer know about your store better.

Some features added to your store are pincode search box on any page, pincode search box on customer visit, special pincode search box on produc page, control payment gateways based on pincode, control shipping methods based on pincode, check pincode during registration and checkout process, international shipping charges for country, Cash on delivery charges per pincode, shipping charges per pincode, etc.

Get max features in a single module

How to try demo?

Admin Side
username and password: demo
Admin side control

Front Side

Front end testing

Steps to try on front end
a) You will be greeted with pincode search popup. Shows for new customer. ( Optional and can be disabled ).
b) On home page we have added pincode search box and it can be placed on other location as well using layouts.
c) On category page we have added pincode search box on left side for better look.
d) On product page we have special pincode search box above add to cart button.
e) You can search by pincode or city name. You can select from drop down or click go button.
f) You will see complete details for that pincode.
g) On checkout page we have enabled registration pincode checking.
h) So only pincodes available in admin side list will be allowed to register.
i) You can have payment and shipping methods setup as per pincode.
j) So some pincodes can have selected payment methods. Ex: COD
k) We have also have option to add country based shipping charges if you delivery worldwide.

- Add a pincode search box in store front at your desired locations: Ex: Home page, category page, product page,etc
- Pincode search box can be shown via popup, with background image, normal search box.
- Pincode checking with popup when customer visits your store. Only for new customers.
- Special pincode search box on product page just above add to cart button.
- Customers can search for pincode and know all delivery details in their area.
- Automatic dropdown of pincode available as customer searches.
- Instant results display when customer selects the pincode from dropdown.
- Delivery details like custom message, area name, shipping and payment methods available, shipping charges, etc.
- You can also track all pincodes which customers check in front end and not present in admin list. So admin can add them if needed in future.
- Pincode check can be set up during account creation & checkout registration both.
- Feature to display Cod message on product page along with extra charges if any.
- Feature to display shipping charges on product page.
- Based on customer pincode, shipping charges shall be shown in shipping method section on checkout page.
- Admin can control different things per pincode like:
a) Set up custom messages for each pincode. Messages also support html format.
b) Set up payment methods based on pincode.
c) Set up shipping methods based on pincode.
d) Set up stores based on pincode.
e) Set up shipping charges based on pincode.
f) Set up cod charges based on pincode.
- Use import / export tool, for quick import of pincodes with all settings.
- Admin can add unlimited pincodes to list.
- Control colors of pincode search box to match your theme.
- Control for enabling disabling the fields to be shown in delivery details.
- Set up payment and shipping methods for international deliveries when pincode is not in list.
- Works with custom themes.
- Free help for configuring with one page checkout system.

Latest Features Added
- Added internation shipping charges if you delivery outside country.
- Support added for verison 3.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

What is different in this extension:
We have added maximum features related to pincode in this extension so you don't need to look up for multple extension to do pincode management. Have a look below.

Pincode search box at your desired location

Your customers must have a place to check if delivery is available at their location.
So with pincode search box they can enter their location area name or pincode.
And see complete delivery details. You can enable which fields you want to show.

This pincode search box can be added on any page using layout.
Also many eCommerce website have box just above add to cart.
So we have special pincode search box which can be added above add to cart button on product page.

Pincode check during account creation & checkout registration

Some store needs that customer should not be able to register if pincode is not possible to deliver. For this we have registration check.

Further on that we have also have checkout page checking. So you allow customers to register with pincode not in list but you don't allow them to checkout.

So you can enable the feature you need or enable both of them.

Payment method based on pincode

Some times you need specific payment methods as per customer location.
With this feature you can do it easily.

So you can assign payment method A, B to certain pincode.
And payment method C, D to some other pincode.

Cash on delivery based on pincode + COD Charges

With the above feature i.e "Payment method based on pincode". You can set up Cash on delivery to certain pincodes. So COD will only be available for those pincodes.

Besides above if you want to have COD charges you can have that as well.
You can add COD charges per pincode.

Shipping method based on pincode

Some times you need specific shipping methods as per customer location.
With this feature you can do it easily.

So you can assign shipping method A, B to certain pincode.
And shipping method C, D to some other pincode.

Shipping Charges per pincode

Some locations can be delivered for free of charge ie. No charges for shipping.
But some location needs extra shipping charges.

So it is possible to add different shipping charges for different pincode.

International shipping charges

When you deliver outside country also. It should also be possible.
So to cover this, we have added country based shipping charges.

So based on shipping address country, shipping charges would show.

Payment method / shipping method when pincode not in list

This is a powerful feature those who understands it.
With this feature you don't need to enter complete list of pincode of your country.

How ?

Suppose you have a small list of pincode where payment and shipping methods are different.
And for others payment and shipping method are common.

So you can just upload your small list of pincodes and assign the desired payment and shipping method.
For rest you can use this feature. So it would assign this payment and shipping method as it is not in list.

So the benefit was you only uploaded a small list of pincodes and not for whole country.
And for others it automatically assigned payment and shipping methods based on your selection.

Popup pincode search box

If you want to ask for customer location on customer visit then popup feature can be enabled.
So customer would be greeted with popup to enter their location.

Customize colors as per theme

For settings page you can control colors of pincode search box.
So it matches your theme perfectly.


This has been tested on default opencart checkout.
We provide free / paid configuration with one page checkout, depending upon checkout.
Kindly contact us at before purchase if using some custom checkout.
No core files are changed.

Help guide / Version history / Faqs
You can check the help guide, version history and faqs for Delivery date - time slots selection for orders on documentation link below:
Documentation Link

Create Support Ticket
You can create a support ticket if you have purchased our extension and you need support.
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Need more customization / Help / Contact us
If you have any questions before purchase or any doubt or need more customization, we are happy to help:


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  • Documentation Included


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