Order Print Button in Notification Email

Order Print Button in Notification Email

This Extension allow to Display Order Print Button in Customer Order Notification email under order total table. when custom click print order button a link will jump to printable invoice, if customer does not logged in this extension force to customer login to view/print their invoice. once customer successfully logged in this extension automatically redirect to printable invoice with automatic printing dialogue popup in any browsers. and store logo to customer invoice extension also downloadable with this module.

★ Easy Installation
★ Does not overwrite any master files
★ Free Support
★ Print Order Button Appear Customer Notification Email Under Order Total
★ Offline Customers force to Logged in to print/view invoice, without logged in does not allow to view/print their invoice
★ Store Logo to Order Invoice
★ Customer can get Invoice like same admin order info invoice
★ When customer click print order button Printer dialog box will appear automatically
★ Printable invoice will be open in new page when click print order button
★ If you need any custom modification for this extension, please click above SUPPORT Button.

1. Make a Order (use valid email address when create account)
2. Check your mail inbox, you will get a order notification email, see below order total table, "Print Order" Button appear there.

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if you are first time using vQmod, you can download here: https://code.google.com/p/vqmod/

Unzip downloaded file, Copy .xml file to /your-domain-root/vqmod/xml/

For Easy Install you can use vQmod manager, Install vQmod manager Click here

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