Customer Group Price (1.5.x , 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)

Customer Group Price (1.5.x , 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)
Overview of TMD OpenCart customer group price

This module lets the website show the price of the same product will be shown differently according to Customer groups like wholesalers, retailers, Frequent buyers, New buyers, etc. Once the admin sets the price for a Different Customer group through the Admin panel, It will Start showing automatically as per the Customer group. With Its too easy to bulk product price import and export setting, You can easily manage all your product prices very easily.
This extension is compatible with OpenCart's multiple versions.

Product Pricing for Different Customer Groups: Navigate to product edit > go to data tab > You will see the list of customer groups just below the price of the product. You can enter the price for each customer group. Hit the save button.

Four Pricing Options: While calculating the product customer group price on the OpenCart website, the module considered the base price of the product. Admin can select one option out of +, -, +%, and -%.

Add > The customer group price will be added to base the price of the product while showing the customer. For example, product base price is 20 then the admin set the customer group price to 10 then. The final customer group price of that product will be 30.

Minus > It will do the minus from the base price of the product. For example, if the product price is 65 then the admin set the customer group price to 20 then. After the minus from the base price, the Final customer group price of that product will be 45.

Add Percentage > It will calculate the price percentage of the base price and then add it to the base price before showing it to the customer. For example, Product price is 350 then admin set the customer group price percentage to 17 then. After the minus from the base price, the Final customer group price of that product will be 409.5.

Minus Percentage > This option will first calculate the base price of the product and then minus it from the base price of the product and show it to the customer.

Varied Pricing for Various Groups: This module first checks the customer's attached customer price and then displays the price that is set by the admin on that customer group. In case, the admin does not set the price of the customer group then this extension will show the base price of the product.

Automatic Price Adjustments: The module intelligently and automatically adjusts product prices for various customer groups without manual intervention.

Import and Export Feature: Admins can manage large sets of product inventory's customer group prices by importing or exporting CSV files, making bulk edits easier. It will save time by eliminating the manual editing work.

Admin Control for Pricing: Admins have complete control over configuring prices for different customer groups. They can enable or disable pricing as needed.

Dynamic Pricing: As customers log in or register, the module adjusts product prices based on the customer's assigned group, offering personalized pricing.

Efficient Management: Admins can manage product prices easily based on customer groups using this module.

Enhancement & Engagement: The module aims to enhance the website's appeal and increases customer engagement.

Attractive Pricing: The module facilitates showing varied pricing to targeted customer groups, such as wopenholesalers, retailers, VIP customers, etc.

Compatibility Across OpenCart Versions: The product customer group price module is compatible with multiple OpenCart versions, specifically 1.5.x, 2.x, and 3.x.

STEP 1 - Login to the default customer group

STEP 2 - Check the Product Price - Showing $50

STEP 3 - Login to Wholesale Customer Group Account

STEP 4 - Check the Same Product Price - showing $85


Q. What is the difference between the Customer Group Price module and the regular pricing options in OpenCart?
Ans: The customer group price module for OpenCart allows sellers to set prices for products based on customer groups, while the regular pricing options in OpenCart apply to all customers. With the module, sellers can create a pricing strategy that meets the needs of specific customer groups and increases sales.

Q. Can I import customer group price of product using the module?
Ans: Yes, the Customer Group Price OpenCart module supports import functionality, allowing admin to update product customer pricing information from an Excel file. This feature reduces errors associated with manual data entry.

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