3 in 1 shipping method

3 in 1 shipping method
3 in 1 shipping method + Free shipping by category
Free shipping by category, Flat shipping rate, Total amount based free shipping

One extension to rule them all!

This extensions combines the three most used shipping methods:
- flat shipping rate
- free shipping when cart total is greater than a certain amount
- free shipping by category (or for selected products added in a Free shipping category)

Do you recognize yourself in the examples below?
If yes, so this extension is exactly for your needs.

1. You want to offer your customers free shipping, if the order contains only selected products.
2. You want to offer your customers free shipping, if the order contains even one of selected products.
3. You want to offer your customers free shipping for product from selected category.
4. You just need a flat rate shipping extension with free shipping when the total of the order is greater than a certain amount.

Easy installation in only two steps:
1. Upload everything from *upload* folder to the root of your opencart installation
2. Clap your hands and say "I am ready!"

You can configure these options:

Shipping name - Name for the shipping method visible for customers.
Flat rate shipping - This is the flat rate when no free shipping conditions are met.
Free shipping total - Sub-Total amount needed before the free shipping becomes available.
Free shipping category - Products from this category will be shipped for free.
One makes all free - When CHECKED a single product from the "Free shipping category" will make the whole shipping free.

And all the default options as: Geo zone, Tax class, etc.

This module should work with any Opencart version but it's only tested on 1.5.4+ installations.
Feel free to check for yourself and leave a comment.
Don't worry this module doesn't change anything in the core of –ěpencart and cannot break your website.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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3 Aug 2014

1 Aug 2014
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