Better Together

This mod permits you to offer this type of discounted cross selling in your OpenCart.

You may specify

* Buy item <x>, get item <y> at a discount
* Buy item <x>, get an item from category <c> at a discount
* Buy an item from category <a>, get an item from category <c> at a discount
* Buy an item from category <a>, get item <x> at a discount

Discounts may be specified as percentages of the latter item's price or as
absolute values in the currency you cart uses.

Detailed documentation is provided in the README file and on my home page, at
Better Together Documentation

With the basic module, you must edit code to add new discounts, but there is also a Better Together Admin module available in the OpenCart Marketplace. Better Together Admin provides a web based admin panel for adding and deleting discounts.

If you want to see the process of creating a Better Together discount without the Admin panel, here's a video that shows this:

Please use the Better Together Support Thread to report issues or ask questions. Thank you!

Please Note: Better Together works with OpenCart 2.3 and 3.0 only; no earlier versions.

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Awesome extension!

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11 Feb 2020

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