Product Mixer - Mix n Match

Product Mixer - Mix n Match

The product mixer is a great way to help customers easily select products in pairs. The choices are made super easy when shown the product in a pair. Stores can help their customers see products in combination to make selection process really quick. See images above as an example.[/size]


Basically, there are 2 types of sliders
1) Upper slider.
2) Lower slider.

You can select different products in different sliders.
The products details also change when a product is changed.
Details like price, options, model, brand, and description.

Best products and best pairs can be used here to get high sales.

You can have upper categories selection and lower categories selection.

Where it can be used?

Do you think you have products that people buy in a pair or needs a comparison?
- Jeans and t-shirt,
- Apparels and jewelry,
- Wheels and tires,
- Women outfits
- Man outfits
- Mobile phones and back cover

There can be many combinations like above.

Why this can increase sales?

1) Customers are able to select products on the same page without navigation.
2) Add best combinations of products in the mixer.
3) Selection is made easier with this.
3) When customers like stuff in a pair, they will buy both products instead of one.

Free configuration with Mijoshop

We provide free configurations with mijoshop. Email us prior to purchase.

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