SMSBump - Send Transactional and Marketing SMS messages

SMSBump - Send Transactional and Marketing SMS messages

SMSBump increases your customer loyalty and automatically sends transactional messages on New Order Placed, Shipped Order and Successful signup.

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✯ From Zero to Send Messages in No Time - No matter if you are using our web application or you are an E-Commerce store owner. With SMSBump, you can get started on automating all your text messages in minutes.
✯ Transactional or Promotional - Automate transactional messages or send on-demand text messages to your clients around the world.
✯ Multi-Channel Messaging - Send SMS or VMS messages.
✯ Use different text messages on various events - SMSBump allows you to trigger messages to both customers and store administrators. We support New Order Placed, Shipped Order, and Successful signup.
✯ Global Coverage - With SMSBump you can reach any active mobile device anywhere in the world.
✯ Cloud Reliable Delivery - We deploy state-of-the-art technologies to choose the best path and make sure your messages get to the recipient blazing fast around the globe.
✯ Branded Messages - Try our Premium plan and configure the From: Sender name to match your brand.
✯ Real-Time Statistics - Stay on track and plan ahead with real-time information on all sent messages.
✯ Import that fits your needs - Import contacts from CSV, TXT, XLS, and XLSX or enter your contacts one by one.
✯ Your Groups, Your Way - Create groups and send your campaigns with a single click of a button.
✯ Message Scheduling - Schedule unlimited text message campaigns in advance.
✯ Added dropdown with country codes on register screen for easier phone input.
✯ Reset account functionality.
✯ Option for adding the selected country code to the admin numbers.
✯ Added character and sms counter to transactional sms templates
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