Admin Quick Search

Admin Quick Search

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Quick Search block for Admin Dashboard

This extension adds Quick Search block to admin panel dashboard
Finally you can save tons of time and search the most important info from your dashboard !

List of features:

    - Search by order number
    - Search by order billing/delivery name
    - Search by order billing/delivery ZIP
    - Search by order value (from/to)
    - Search by order date (from/to)
    - Search order by customer email
    - Search order by comment
    - Search order by customer phone
    - Search orders by options
    - Search customers by name
    - Search products by name
    - Search products by model
    - Search products by UPC
    - Search categories by name


Installation for OpenCart 3.x:

- Upload QuickSearch.ocmod with Admin->Extensions->Installer
- Go to Admin->Extensions->Modifications and click Refresh button
- Now go to Admin->Extensions->Extensions and select Dashboard from dropdown
- Click Install button right in front of Quick Search extension
- Go to Edit and activate it

Installation for OpenCart 2x:

- Upload admin_quick_search_oc2.ocmod with Admin->Extensions->Installer
- Go to Admin->Extensions->Modifications and click Refresh button

Installation for OpenCart 1.5x:

You need an vQmod extension to install this plugin. You can get it HERE
Just copy an xml file to vQmod xml folder.

If something goes wrong - you can rename this file like .xml~ (it will disable plugin) and then contact me with your issue.

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What customers say about Admin Quick Search

Great and fast suport. Developer was very friendly and helped me. So if you have some troubles developer will definitely resolve it.
The World Online
I cant understand why this does not have over 1000 sales yet, it`s absolutely brilliant !!
~The World Online
this extension works great and the developer is very nice and gives great support


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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21 Feb 2020

3 Sep 2014
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